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Gayane Ghazaryan

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

London, UK

Gayane Ghazaryan

United Kingdom


I am a compassionate and creative coach who can guide you on your journey to wellness and well-being.

I have 20 years of corporate experience and 7 years of Wellness Coaching experience. My expertise is based on my own experience of turning an unhappy corporate lifestyle into an amazing and uplifting lifestyle of wellness and balance. I can help you on your journey to well-being whether you are an individual or an organisation.

My holistic approach to coaching is based on 7 Power Principles and a Super-power Principle that guide you towards your ultimate wellness lifestyle.

Reach out, I offer 30-min free discovery call.


I have been coaching individuals since 2012. I have extensive experience in developing and delivering bespoke training/coaching programmes that meet the individual needs of my clients.

With my experience in business and change management and passion for wellness, I bring fresh perspectives to organisations desiring to improve employee engagement and wellbeing.

I offer individual as well as group coaching. I can support you whether you are looking for an add-hock wellness coaching session or a structured programme.

If you are ready to commit to your wellness, start a 12-week journey on my signature "Wellness Lifestyle" programme where you will learn the 7 Power Principles of wellbeing or a 24-week "Ultimate Wellness" programme where you get all of the "Wellness Lifestyle" programme + Wellness habits to change your 9 environments.

I am a qualified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Advanced Fitness and Yoga instructor, Black Belt Kickboxing instructor. I hold to Master's degrees, Business and Administration and IT and Engineering. Holistic Health and Wellness Coach certified from Women Wealth Academy Yoga Instructor, Uplifted Yoga Advanced Fitness Instructor MBA, MSC

Area Of Expertise

Holistic Health and Wellness coaching for individuals and organisations.

Working Hours

Working with advance notice on mutually convenient times.

Drop me a 'Booking Request' as below and we can work something out.



Hourly Rate

1. Free 30-min discovery call to identify your needs.

2. Individual 121 session - £125 per session (up to 90 minutes).

3. 12-week "Wellness Lifestyle" (121 coaching - £3000, group coaching - £749).

4. 24-week "Ultimate Wellness" (121 coaching - £5000, group coaching - £1500).

5. Corporate coaching prices are based on group size, content and delivery method.

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