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Germain Gulevic

Wellbeing and Resilience Coach


Wellbeing and Resilience Coach


Germain Gulevic
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United Kingdom


After many successful years working for London based and international companies, I have gradually moved into the coaching and consulting sphere, where I can share my knowledge and expertise with others.

I use CBT, NLP, mindfulness, meditation and counselling techniques to help the clients reach their goals and to balance their lives, paying particular attention to their psychological wellbeing, self esteem and personal growth - the areas that had been proved to be very important during covid-19.

Whatever your concerns are - you are welcome to reach out and schedule a free 15 minutes consultation via Zoom or WhatsApp.


15 years' experience in in Business administration, management, transformation and leadership, training and coaching.
BA (Political Science), MBs (Business Studies), MSc (Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing) - ongoing.
Diploma in Coaching and CBT (SCQF L8), Diploma in Hypno-CBT (NCFE L5).
Specialisation Certificate in Influence & Change Management (Macquaire UNI).
Certificate in Organisational Leadership (UQ Business School).
Certificate in Existential Wellbeing Counselling (KU Leuven).

Area Of Expertise

Stress Management, Work Life Balance, Wellbeing, Self Esteem, Growth, Holistic Modalities

Working Hours

Daily, 10am-8pm (Flexible)


FaceTime, Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate


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