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Navigation & Change Coach, NLP Practitioner, DISC Administer & Interpreter

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Navigation & Change Coach, NLP Practitioner, DISC Administer & Interpreter

Virtual Coaching: Globally - In Person Coaching: Sudbury, Suffolk and Colchester, Essex, UK

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My purpose is to help humans navigate through natural life changes and change brought on by unfortunate circumstance. Navigating these waters with my unique coaching programs leads to a resourcefulness that flows toward the ability to adapt. Clients even become change seekers.

My coaching programs are are for those who desire a sense of harmony, direction and purpose. They are designed to inspire self-discovery and exploration leading you to identify flexible, sustainable strategies of navigating through, adapting to and remaining resilient with life’s changes.

I am especially pleased to offer the option of my Coaching with Nature program. This is especially helpful for those who feel disconnected from their loved ones, co-workers and themselves and equally as valuable for those whose thoughts come more easily while outdoors or who are seeking to deepen their connection to their environment. It is exceptional for recovering from burnout, mental fatigue and emotional fragility. This program helps to connect you with the natural world inspiring you to embrace self-exploration, self discovery and provide deeper relationships with yourself and others.

All stages of Menopause are an especially difficult time of life (they don't call it 'the change' for nothing!). The More Than Manage Your Menopause program is designed especially for you to address your unique set of circumstances and symptoms. One-to-One and Group Coaching is offered for this program as well as monthly Support Sessions, because it's helpful to talk, learn and listen to others experiencing it as well. We cover issues like menopause in the workplace, discussing the symptoms with your peers, boss and HR and how to normalize the conversation in any environment.

The DISC behavior assessment system is used to improve communication, interpersonal issues and relationships. This is an exceptional tool and is one of the most widely used systems of its kind world wide. As an accredited DISC profiling system administer and interpreter, I can help you understand how to improve relationships, understand behavioral differences between you and others, adapt to different personality styles, and get others to respond better to you.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Qualified Personal Performance (Life) Coach
NLP Practitioner
Level II Certified DISC Administer & Interpreter
Certified Wilderness First Responder
Trained Natural Navigator
Trained in Shinrin-Yoku

Area Of Expertise

Life Changes, Menopause, Health & Wellness, Mindset, Relationship

Working Hours

M-F 8am to 7pm; S-Su: 8am to 6pm


FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call

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