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Greg Aradi

Holistic Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher

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Holistic Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher

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Greg Aradi



I am a qualified life coach, yoga teacher, and a holistic well-being therapist, with a bachelor’s degree also in Andragogy (adult education - lifelong learning - training and development). I've spent hundreds of hours studying different healing techniques and I also travelled quite a bit to learn from the real and authentic source. I have put a lot of effort into my training over the years so I can be a better practitioner today, and provide help support and healing with my sessions.


I have many years of experience working as a yoga and meditation teacher, life coach and holistic therapist - massages, Reflexology, Reiki, and talking therapy. I have worked in managerial, recruiter, trainer - mentor, teacher, coach, and therapist positions in my life.
I believe that knowledge is nothing without practice and in the past few years I have completed thousands of healing sessions and yoga classes for people with various goals and issues.

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Life coaching, EFT, Yoga & Meditation, Holistic Therapy

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Flexible - all days, 9am-7pm


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