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I'm a 28-year-old Executive Coach based in Edinburgh with an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and a fully accredited member of the Association For Coaching. My coaching practice is relational, meaning I work in slightly different ways with every client depending on what they bring. I can work in a direct, goal-orientated way with specific models such as OSKAR and GROW if clients want to bring specific objectives to work through; or I can also work in more abstract ways with more general objectives such as recovery, resilience and transitions, as is now becoming ever more common as we emerge from Covid.

I also have a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling from the University of Edinburgh, and use some principles from Transactional Analysis as a branch of psychotherapy that I developed a keen interest in as part of that qualification. . My approach to coaching is based around an inherent belief that each client has the potential to achieve whatever they set out to do. The value of coaching I hear my clients have comes from their sense of having achieved their objectives themselves through a process of confidence-building and self-reliance.


I trained as an actor at one of London's top drama schools and upon leaving, became heavily involved in the world of corporate role-play and facilitation. I have assisted with the delivery of clinical skills training at both university and professional level for final year OSCEs as well as for various Royal Colleges and directly for the NHS. Outcomes have included building confidence and rapport with patients, as well as specialist training around complex issues such as psychiatric history-taking and breaking bad news. In the legal sector, I have been part of the delivery of cross-examination and communication workshops with both the University of Strathclyde and the Scottish Faculty of Advocates.

During the pandemic, I worked as Domestic Abuse Support Officer at the charity Abused Men In Scotland, where I had over 100 clients, many of whom I used coaching principles with, especially for clients who had specific goals such as leaving a relationship or wanted to work up to making criminal allegations. I have also taken part in L&D programmes delivered by consultancies in various corporate settings in the public sector such as the DVLA, as well as recently being part of the team delivering the Officer Bereavement & Aftercare Training Course for the British Army. In terms of business knowledge, I have worked in the fields of marketing and events management, as well as hospitality and retail, and of course, have a working knowledge of the British acting industry.

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Relationship Management

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