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Hannah Wilson

Leadership Coach


Leadership Coach

Oxfordshire, UK

Hannah Wilson

United Kingdom


I am a leadership development consultant, coach and facilitator.

I am a DfE coach for the Women Leading in Education initiative and an advocate for flexible working (the focus for my MA in Education).

I specialise in: Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, Professional Learning, Early Career Teachers, Mental Health and Wellbeing. I am a collaborator and a networker; I am involved in a number of networks which I have co-founded and co-lead for who I deliver bespoke training.


I am the Co-Founder and Director of Diverse Educators.

I am a Resilient Leaders Elements Coach.

I develop and facilitate leadership training.

Previous roles:

Head of Secondary Teacher Training, University of Buckingham

Founding Executive Headteacher of Aureus School & Aureus Primary School, GLF Schools

Strategic Lead for the GLF Teaching School Alliance

Sub-Regional Strategic Lead for the SE Women Leading in Education Network for Oxon, Berks and Bucks (NCTL)

Professional Learning Lead for the Harris Federation Teaching School

Specialist Leader in Education and National Professional Qualifications Facilitator

School Leader and Teacher of English, Drama and Media for 18 years

Area Of Expertise

Leadership Coaching

Working Hours

Flexible. Drop me a booking request and we can arrange a time.



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