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Mindset Mentor


Mindset Mentor


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I am an award-winning energy healer, teacher, author and speaker who has been interviewed by many news channels including Channel Four TV, podcasts and radio stations as well as my articles about transforming mindset and overcoming fears featuring in publications worldwide. I am one of only 65 teachers of Rahanni Celestial Healing in the world. I believe in the magic that's present in every individual.

My mission is to transform your mindset so all self-doubt and inner criticism is gone. Instead you are confident, completely self-accepting and are living your Soul Purpose fully.


Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Certified Spiritual Coach and teacher

Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner

Mindfulness meditation teacher

- The Balance Procedure Practitioner

- Shamanic Healer

Area Of Expertise

Mindset Mentor

Working Hours

Monday to Friday 10am - 1pm



Hourly Rate

£100 per hour