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Ian Humber

Life Coach and Mentor




Life Coach and Mentor

Devon - face to face; Nationwide - Available Online

Ian Humber

United Kingdom


I am an experienced leader with an extensive background over a number of years providing local and remote coaching and mentoring

Keenly focused on driving success through empowering individuals to achieve the best they can be by unlocking their inner potential.
My track record of success has been reinforced by recruiting high-calibre talent and encouraging professional growth at all levels.

Highlights of the qualifications and background I offer include…
• Combining “big picture” capability with an eye for detail
• Successful partnership with stakeholders
• Experienced at global recruiting

I offer essential intangibles such as an engaging and collaborative management


27 years management experience

Mentoring and coaching employees through performance appraisals and 1:1 engagement, thus gaining the best output for all parties (The Customer, Company and the Employee).

Leading and delivering Local and global services to exceed customer needs, enabling their maximum benefit.

Deep people management experience, providing leadership to the group, garnering support and commitment from staff to achieve goals and exceed expectations.

An organisational thought leader, speaking at customer conferences, sitting on forum panels across Europe for the benefit of the customer base.

Leading employee's through times of change, strong people change management experience, enabled a successful result through periods of uncertainty from the employee perspective.
Building new teams from scratch, hiring the right people at the right time to drive successful objectives as an outcome

Highlights of Expertise

• Coaching and Mentoring
• Employee Management
• Organisational leadership
• Leading Change and Process Management
• Verbal and Written Communication
• Strategic & Tactical Planning
• Virtual Stakeholder Management
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Vendor & Supplier Relationship Management
• Customer Support
• Team building; Recruitment and Training
• Continuous Improvement (CI)
• Corporate Best (in Class) Practice
• Creating Customer Support Centres and Service Operation Centres
• DevOps, Agile organisation methodology
• Escalation Management
• Stress Management
• ITIL for Projects / Operations
• Crisis Management
• Risk Assessment/ Management/ Mitigation
• ISO Certification (9001 & 27001)
• Restricted access customer management (Public Sector & Commercial)

Area Of Expertise

Life coach and personal mentor

Working Hours

Weekdays 8am - 8pm. Outside these hours can be accommodated with advance agreement


FaceTime, Zoom, Telephone Call, Microsoft Teams

Hourly Rate


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