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Ilona Brunyanszki

The Decision Making Coach



The Decision Making Coach


Ilona Brunyanszki

United Kingdom


I coach people who have, want or need major life changes and require support in making decisions.
Making decisions that move you forward and create a better life are necessary. We often hesitate and don’t make a decision because we don’t want to make the wrong decision. Especially with major, life changing matters. When working through an important decision, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, pressured, confused, frustrated, stressed and emotionally distracted. Indecision can cause more problems than making a poor choice. However, not making a decision is also a decision and such, has a reason. If we don’t decide for ourselves, someone else will decide for us. There are no right or wrong decisions. Just decisions.

I am the right coach for you if you are:
- Facing uncertainties
- Struggling to make major decisions
- Have multiple opportunities and can’t choose
- Working through a problem and need support
- Others are trying to influence your path
- Hesitating often
- Has lack of accountability
- Don’t have or can’t see the goals clearly
- Experience stress, anxiety or regret due to indecisiveness
- Feel stuck and unmotivated

Following our thought-provoking coaching conversations you will be able to:
- Make clearer, long term decisions
- Hesitate less and act more
- Set goals and work towards them
- Confidently calculate risks and rewards
- Listen to your intuition more effectively
- Allow less influence on your decisions from others
- Identify habits, patterns and routines that limit your beliefs
- Getting to know yourself on a deeper level

How is my coaching different?
1. I am highly qualified as a coach, mentor and manager
2. I have a multicultural background where I understand different cultures, religions, philosophies and I am able to accommodate individual needs
3. I have 15 years of esoteric interest where I am a master healer, clairvoyante expert (sharpening our senses) and an alchemy practitioner. Additionally, I am NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trained and a qualified psychologist. I often apply methodologies and strategies to observe, filter and perceive information through all my senses, including my intuition. I use perceptual positioning and re-imprinting, detect involuntary signals, follow your logical level and spot linguistic presuppositions.
With all these additional experiences I am able to understand the person easily, hear what the client does not say and read between the lines.

My life experience is very colourful. I was born and raised in Hungary, in a village with 500 people. I grew up very close to nature and I spent lots of time discovering who I was, and through myself I learned about the people and the environment around me. We had to travel to nearby towns for school, doctor, public affairs, shopping, library, everything that is normally common nowadays. After finishing my higher education I wanted to see the world and since then I lived in the UK, USA, Qatar, Singapore and Italy. I love travelling as well. I visited over 50 countries on 5 continents.

I enjoy working with and experiencing extraordinary cultures, getting to know divergent mindsets and approaches and meeting people at different walks of life. I believe my curiosity, determination and conscious decision making skills greatly served me to become a well rounded individual. I am enthusiastic, innovative and highly self-motivated.

People often call me lucky, show envy or think I am not grounded. As young as a child, when I told my friends about something exciting that happened to me, I always had a bitter comment on how good it was for me. And yes. Although I don’t agree with them and I just smile when I hear such comments, I can see why they have that opinion. Because I make choices that others don’t. Because I want to experience things that others are afraid of. Because no matter what happens I always see the benefit of the result and not the down side. Because I have the courage to trust myself and believe that everything happens for a reason. Because I make decisions when needed and jump on opportunities when they are presented to me. Due to all these, everything is in flow. It can suggest that I am lucky and life is just too sweet to me. But what people don’t see is that making certain decisions has a price. We can’t have everything. When we decide on a certain road, we must let go of the other. Depending on our goals, beliefs and mindset, we must make decisions that move us forward. And we all have opportunities, one way or the other. Oftentimes, we just choose to ignore them or decide to take the easy way out. I grew up in a poor Hungarian village with a population of 500 people. Moving forward and finding opportunities were not easy. However, I decided what I wanted to do and I worked for it. I planned ahead, took calculated risks and I prepared for failure. When I failed, I learnt from it, then I moved on. I acted the way I felt was most efficient and I aimed to live life to the fullest. My aim is still the same today. And you can do it too.


I am PCC ICF qualified and additionally I am an NLP practitioner. As of my academic qualifications, I have a MA in Sports Management, a BA as a teacher and a Level 3 Diploma in Child Psychology.

My professional experience includes working with academic schools, private companies, foundations, charities, corporates and national bodies. I have been coaching gymnastics for almost 20 years, teaching all ages and abilities. In the last 15 years my management roles included sports development, event management, recruitment, leadership management, sales, marketing, stakeholder management, customer care, project and finance management, curriculum development, research, strategic planning, performance monitoring, staff engagement and development. I managed a variety of teams, from volunteers, to technical staff, also entry and mid level management. I mentored individuals wanting to become coaches, as well as sports coaches wanting to become managers, open up their own business or transfer to a different industry.

Additionally, I mentored university students where I addressed the needs of learners who required assistance in overcoming barriers to learning in order to achieve their full potential. Furthermore, I worked with Aspire Leadership Academy where I coached/mentored a candidate online on career pathways, time management, decision for further studies and personal and professional development. In my latest job role I have been coaching as well as mentoring and managing employees to further develop the company and its staff.

Area Of Expertise

Decision Making, Sports Management, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday


Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

Hourly Rate

To be discussed

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