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Dr. Ingrid Kanuga

Personal Development and Career Coach


Personal Development and Career Coach

Online, Hertfordshire and London

Dr. Ingrid Kanuga

United Kingdom


Hello and welcome to my profile.

I am a personal development and certified career coach. I work mostly with adults who are considering a career change, re-entering the employment market after taking some time out and those affected by redundancies. Together we will explore your natural interest and will look at how best to use and demonstrate the skills you have built up throughout your life.

I don’t charge by the hour; I charge by goals. How does that work? We start with a free introduction call which will usually be around 30min, sometimes longer. Here we will discuss your goals and how I can support you in the timeframe you would like.

For example, many of my clients are either considering a career change or are looking to enter the workforce after some time away. Often, they like and benefit from initial intensive support where we look at where they would like to go and assess their transferable skills. This support can take place in person or online and can be spread over a few weeks but can also take place over 2x3 hours in one week. Next, their package would include help with identifying suitable opportunities and developing their CV and LinkedIn profile and perhaps different tools to demonstrate their suitability for the role (for example online portfolio’s or introduction video’s). And finally, they would receive help in preparing for interviews and contract negotiation. All throughout there would be email and telephone support, sometimes a daily basis. A package like this would be between £75 and £499, spread over the duration of the time we work together. The pricing of your package will depend on your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

I am certified neuro-linguistic practitioner and trained in mental health first aid. I believe that our purpose in life is to continue to develop and grow and that with the right tools and time we can achieve anything. I have a long list of publications and have spoken at many national and international conferences.

My own journey took me from senior events management roles to head of learning and development for Maersk/Damco and then academia. I have a passion for teaching, and therefor continue to lecture work psychology and personal development to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Please do get in touch for an introduction call to see how we can work together to achieve your goals.


- Published Author (7 books and 32 papers)
- National and International conference speaker on transferable skills
- PhD with a focus on learning strategies and transferable skills
- Masters in Business
- Certified Career Coach
- Certified NLP practitioner
- Certified Mental First Aid
- Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy

I teach work psychology, HRM and personal development on BA and MBA courses

I have worked for multinational brands at senior level: Maersk, Damco, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels. I have been responsible for managing talent and development during mergers and acquisitions.
And in operational Management positions: NEC-Group, Marriott Hotels, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris.

Area Of Expertise

Changing Careers, demonstrating skills, interview coaching.

Working Hours



FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Telephone Call, Google Meet/Hangouts, Zoom

Hourly Rate

By goals

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