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Isabelle Fielding

Professional Development Coach



Professional Development Coach


Isabelle Fielding

United Kingdom


Hi I’m Isabelle! I’m a coach, trainer, psychologist and business owner. I’m also a mum of 3, living in Hampshire who loves being creative, spending time in nature and hanging out with my friends and family.

I’m on a mission to help organisations create compassionate, purpose-led, collaborative workplaces that have a positive impact on their employees, customers and communities.

Through a blend of coaching, training, insights and strategy, I partner with you to move your teams from good to great.

If you’re investing in professional development for your organisation, you want strategies that actually work and are easy to implement! And what’s more, you want those strategies to relate to the real challenges or opportunities that your business is facing now or will face in the future. My approach is data-driven, evidence-based and rooted in behavioural science. I’ll help you to connect those dots and implement strategies that align the needs of your employees AND the organisation.

My values are:

Compassion – I strongly believe that there is a place for kindness and compassion in the modern workplace, indeed I believe that leading with compassion is the most effective way of building a strong and engaged workforce that feels safe to innovate, learn and grow.

Purpose – I believe in applying a laser-focus to my clients' objectives and providing exactly the support they need to achieve their goals. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ to my approach, and I always have your specific needs at the front of mind while I work with you.

Collaboration – I believe strongly in fostering a true spirit of partnership to our time of working together, with willingness to bend and flex according to your specific needs

Curiosity –when we think we already know the answer to something, we stop looking at creative solutions and the truth is that there are rarely specified right and wrong answers in the world of business. I help you to think deeply about the solutions that are right you your employees and your organisations and embrace a culture of learning and innovation.


Having worked in a scientific field for over 20 years (psychology, neuroscience and clinical research) and with two psychology degrees (BA and MSc), my aim is to help organisations to bring evidence-based thinking to their coaching and training programmes.
I worked in corporate for a long time and gained extensive experience of delivering workshops and webinars to large corporate groups, leading and managing psychological assessment and team development training programs. I have presented in a wide variety of settings in my time - over zoom, teams, via in-house learning management systems, and in-person at large international meetings.
I loved the fast pace of corporate life, and the varied and exciting projects I was able to work on, as well as the brilliant people I was able to work alongside. But having entered the corporate world as a Research and Assessment Psychologist and moving more and more into senior leadership, I started to feel that I’d lost connection with the things I really love to do, and the kinds of people I really loved to work with.
I set up my own business in 2018 because I wanted to do things my way. I knew that I had great skills to share and wanted to build a business based on my own values, doing work that I loved, and feeling good about what I was putting out into the world. I picked up some research consultancy work, and then decided to add to my business offerings by certifying as a Team Diagnostic Practitioner and then as a Professional Coach (ACTP accredited). This brought together my love of psychology, my passion for working with people and my genuine desire to make an impact on the world.
With my 2 psychology degrees, a Professional Coaching Diploma (ACTP), and membership of both the International Coaching Federation and the British Psychological Society, I take professional credentials very seriously! I am committed to continued professional development, staying up to date on the latest research, attending numerous additional courses, and working with peer coaches to ensure that my coaching skills are keep sharp and in line with professional competency standards.

Qualifications and Accreditations:
ACTP accredited Professional Coach Diploma
Team Diagnostic Foundational Practitioner
DISC Practitioner
BA Psychology
MSc Research Methods and Psychological Assessment
ICF Member
British Association of Psychology Member

Area Of Expertise

Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Professional Development Training, Organisational Coaching Strategy

Working Hours

Monday-Thursday 8.45am-5pm. Some evenings.


Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

95 (package prices also available)

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