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Jacqueline Weeks

Mental Strength and Fitness Coach


Health & Wellness

Mental Strength and Fitness Coach

Leeds, Online

Jacqueline Weeks

United Kingdom


I work with stressed out individuals and teams who are at risk of burning out. Together we untangle what’s really going on and develop a mental fitness strategy that builds the strength needed to make positive changes. We create the thinking and behavioural habits that support sustainable well-being and optimum performance - in work and beyond.

I want you to get back the passion and confidence that drives you and be the best version of yourself you can be. Many of us are constantly locked in a battle to juggle work/life demands and competing priorities - I know I am! I wish I could wave a magic wand and eliminate work and life stress…instead what I can do is transform your mind set and offer the tools you need to handle your emotions when the pressure mounts up. The good news for me is that when that happens, much of the stress you experience melts away. It doesn’t feel as threatening and instead you become adept at using stress to energise you.

And when that happens anything is possible,


Since completing my Masters in Occupational Psychology in 2005 I have built a career centred around supporting others to succeed beyond their expectations. I am now a certified practitioner of Imagery Coaching which is a ground=breaking technique currently adopted by elite sports people, military and CEOs. Together we work to align goals with values and wider purpose and train the brain to automatically trigger the desired mindset needed to overcome stress and the desire to quit when things get tough.

Additionally I am a trained practitioner of Mindfulness, have completed CTI Coach Fundamentals and am part of the Positive Intelligence Coach development programme. I am aiming to achieve my accreditation as a Coaching Psychologist in the coming years and as part of that have joined a Peer Practice Coaching in Education Group through the British Psychological Society.

Area Of Expertise

Imagery Coaching for Behaviour Change

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9am - 3pm, 7pm-9pm


Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Telephone Call

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