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Jade Ecobichon-Gray

Social Wellness Consultant and Coach


Health & Wellness


Social Wellness Consultant and Coach


Jade Ecobichon-Gray

United Kingdom


Mindset Matters was founded by Jade Ecobichon-Gray, in response to continued wellness inequity in our workplaces and communities. With a MSc. Health Psychology degree and over a decade of experience working in the voluntary, private and public sector, Jade is passionate about empowering organisations to embed social wellness programs that create sustainable positive change.

Too often workplace wellbeing doesn't work. Despite endless physical and mental health initiatives, employees continue to report increased stress, anxiety, burnout and presenteeism, with businesses at a loss as to why their return on investment is shrinking dramatically over time.

Mindset Matters is different, we understand that social wellness is the foundational pillar of wellbeing, and it is only when we invest in people, relationships and belonging that we can create cultures where wellbeing will thrive.

Our mission is to enhance employee wellbeing through the facilitation & of evidence-based workshops, creation of inclusive, authentic strategy, and delivery of expertly designed management training.


BSc. Psychology (hons)
MSc. Health Psychology

Area Of Expertise

Social Wellness

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Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm


Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts, Telephone Call

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