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Janet Brown

Life Coach and Health Wellbeing Coach

Health & Wellness


Life Coach and Health Wellbeing Coach


Janet Brown

United Kingdom


I am passionate about game changing. Coaching is a lifestyle skill that does just that.

I value your core strengths and will bring them to light.

I support women 30+ who want to experience change in their health/wellbeing via coaching and are ready to embark on the journey of self discovery.

I am committed to your holistic wellbeing (body, mind, spirit) and offer a range of activities that support you.

The process is heightened by providing a safe confidential environment enabling you to move from surviving to thriving.

I'll help you-break unproductive behaviours and habits.

Create a more beneficial mindset and healthier habits.

Engage in exercises to support your wellbeing.

Help build confidence, boldness and empower you to take charge of your life.

We can work on:

Physical Goals - E.g Exercise, Diet.
Mental Goals- E.g Stress Management.
Emotional Goals- E.g feelings, mood. Confidence/Self esteem.

Look forward to connecting with you.


Diploma In Personal Performance Coaching.
Diploma Life Skills Coaching.
Diploma Social Psychology.

Area Of Expertise


Supporting you to overcome challenges that prevent you living at optimum levels of health.

Working Hours

Mon-Fri flexible day time and evening slots available.


Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

£67.00 per session. Package of 12. £800. Payment plan available.

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