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Jean Fenwick

Midlife Empowerment Coach



Midlife Empowerment Coach


Jean Fenwick
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United Kingdom


Jean is a Midlife Empowerment Coach and the founder of Inner Wealth Coaching.

She has inspired hundreds of women worldwide to break free from self-doubt, anxiety and patterns of unhealthy behaviour, reconnect to their inner wisdom and easily navigate the changes needed to make ‘the rest of life the best of life’, freeing them to live without regrets.’

She believes that positive feminine energy has a profound impact on families and relationships and makes the world a better place for us all to live in.


After two decades of experience in the corporate world as a recruitment leader, training manager, executive coach and mentor, a period of extreme overwhelm and overwork forced her to take a break.

She started her journey back to Wellbeing by studying Positive Psychology, Spirituality, Meditation, Mindfulness, Trauma Healing and Energy Work and she now draws on her training as a certified NLP and Mindset Coach, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and Reiki Practitioner to empower women to heal the past, fully enjoy the present and create a future full of joy and purpose.

Area Of Expertise

Mindset, NLP and Hypnotherapy

Working Hours

Weekdays 10am to 6pm (evening appointments by arrangement)


Zoom, Telephone Call, Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype

Hourly Rate


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