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Jessica Circe Rogers

Certified Mental Performance Coach



Certified Mental Performance Coach

International, from USA to Europe

Jessica Circe Rogers

United Kingdom


A professional athlete turned nuclear engineer turned mental performance coach, I've spent my life in careers that were as much about grit and mental resilience as they were about skill and ability. Trained at the Co-Active Training Institute and certified with the International Coaching Federation, I combine coaching technique with innovative psychological methods to give my clients the edge with strong mental and emotional resilience, allowing them to perform under the highest pressure conditions.

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15+ years of leadership development and training experience across various management and leadership roles in the energy business in both the US and Europe.
100+ hours of Leadership Coaching training with the Co-Active Training Institute and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
350+ hours of coaching experience and an Associate Credited Coach with the International Coaching Federation.
5 years of coaching high performing athletes who are either struggling with the stress and pressures of their sporting career or retiring from the sport to pursue careers in industry and entrepreneurship.

Area Of Expertise

Performance Mindset for people who perform under extreme pressure (think pro athletes, c-suite executives, professional actors, etc)

Working Hours

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9am - 8pm, Sat 10am-3pm


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