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Jessica Corvo

Trauma, Personal Development and Mindset

Health & Wellness


Trauma, Personal Development and Mindset


Jessica Corvo

United States of America


Hi, I'm Coach Jess. I help distracted professionals cultivate joy by minimizing external noise. It's not easy, but it is simple.

My lens to life is based on being Chinese/Italian American, living in 4 countries, 10+ years of corporate (commodities/supply chain/finance), 20+ years of sports (12hr Ironman finisher) & being a survivor of trauma (gun violence). I'm here to help you change your perception of reality. To shift your mind from a life of adversity to a life of opportunity! Let's create a life you desire (and deserve)! Time to cultivate a Warrior Mindset!


Health Coach Institute Achology

Health & Wellness Consultant, Life Coach & Public Speaker

Business Mentor & Consultant

Mental Toughness, Fitness & Nutrition Certificates

Athlete, Fitness Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor

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Trauma, Personal Development&Mindset

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