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Karen Hughes

Transformational Creativity Coach


Transformational Creativity Coach

Essex, UK Globally (via Zoom)

Karen Hughes

United Kingdom


I'm Karen Hughes, a Transformational Creativity Coach. I work with female creatives and creative professionals. I'm trained to help, regardless of your area of creative expertise.

You may be a writer, an artist, or an actor. Possibly a musician or singer. You might be a designer who works digitally. You could even be a maker of things.

As a creative, you may be:
Feeling over-committed, creatively blocked/stuck, and wanting to return to creating
Feeling bored, and unable to produce or create work you find stimulating or exciting
Struggling with new working arrangements, due to recent world events
Facing personal, relationship or life issues

During coaching, I will ask you questions, and listen deeply to your answers. This will help you begin to hear what your heart is telling you.

As you decide your chosen new direction, I'll guide you through a proven process to build the life you want from the one you have, now. Through making pertinent changes, you will rediscover your inner sparkle, and once more begin to create fulfilling work that you love. Resolving one issue often helps clear another area. You'll soon be fully back on track, having reignited your creativity, and living a life you love! If you'd like to learn more about me, please read on:

After an early career in Accountancy, then University as a 'Mature Student', my subsequent career in Financial Services, and IT was mainly in 'people' roles. I was the link between end-users and technical experts. 'Techies' may appear to speak a different language, yet I was skilled at questioning and burrowing down.

I found it easy to get to the root of an issue, understand it, find answers and translate, between the two groups. Questioning, reading between the lines, hearing what's not being said, and knowing what to explore further, are key skills in coaching, too.

I've always had creative interests, yet hadn't considered myself creative, until I set up a community singing group in 2008. <span>I love singing, especially harmonies, and wanted to sing with others. I ran the groups for 11 years on a voluntary basis.

Through singing I gained confidence and my health improved. Whilst running the groups I learned so much about myself and other people. I retired my singing groups in December 2019. Coincidentally, I was offered a Scholarship to retrain as a Transformational Life Coach in July 2019.

As I've experienced enormous personal benefits through creativity, I went on to study Creativity Coaching during Lockdown 2020. I have successfully blended these trainings into my own, unique form of Transformational Creativity Coaching (please check out the Success Stories on my website).

I'm retired, and so excited about the new career I'm launching now. I love helping people and watching them develop and grow. Plus, I find coaching energising.

If you'd like to get your life and creativity back on track, please contact me to book your complimentary Discovery Call.


Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice (Accredited by the Association for Coaching).

Creativity Coach (Trained with Eric Maisel).

Founder and Transformational Creativity Coach at Creative Coaching Community.

Area Of Expertise

Transformational Creativity Coaching

Working Hours

Monday to Friday 11am - 4pm

Weekend appointments available by agreement.



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Fees by agreement

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