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Karen Taylor

ICF ACC Accredited & Certified Productivity, Habits, mBIT & Performance Coach | DISC & NLP Master Practitioner



ICF ACC Accredited & Certified Productivity, Habits, mBIT & Performance Coach | DISC & NLP Master Practitioner

Gloucestershire, Nationwide, International

Karen Taylor

United Kingdom


Is "stuck", lack of clarity or vision, procrastination, "I've not got time" or your inner voice killing your success?

Partnering together, we'll get to the heart of your biggest challenges and create the way forward that YOU need to succeed.

As an ICF ACC Accredited and Certified mBIT, Tiny Habits, Performance and Transformations Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, DISC, and Diary Detox® Practitioner together I bring a unique coaching approach, resource, and skillset to my coaching which is also combined with extensive management and consulting experience along with a multi micro-business owner for almost 20 years.

Based on awareness, responsibility, trust, and confidentiality coaching is a reflective, forward-focused process, where we partner together to unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, whilst offering the opportunity for you to work towards realising your goals or aspirations in your life or business.

Facilitating growth, finding clarity in your visions, values, and purpose so you can remove overwhelm, unleash your brilliance, reach your goals, and have a thriving business or life you love, with a clear, actionable plan.

Lofty aspirations & loose goals are like New Year’s Resolutions – very rarely successful.
However, this is NOT a personality flaw - It's a design one!

Yes, that’s right.


Whether you want to be more productive, implement a new health regime, or work on a bigger longer-term goal while removing overwhelm or stress that comes from “where do I start” or “I haven’t got the time” I can help.

There's lots of things that can keep you stuck and kill your success, and in committing your time and effort you can change that in a simple and supported way, with ongoing support, accountability, and a clear plan all in alignment with your values and goals and your multiple intelligences - listening to your head, your heart AND your gut.

You can find and fix your flow, you CAN become your most productive self, a master habiteer and you CAN ditch the overwhelm and truly unleash your brilliance by introducing sustainable, life-changing, simple, and easy habits with impact to balance your life, home, work, and your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I work with clients who want nothing more than to transform their business or their life into what they want it to be, into how THEY want to be.

Men or women, like you, who love what they do, but who are struggling with time management, with lack of clarity, or who have lost touch with their vision, values, or purpose.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, or those simply struggling to get their shizzle done, who want more joy, who want more freedom, but who want to maximise their performance and potential.

You may be struggling with the busyness of life, stressed with the business of running a business, and while you’re damn good at it, you are perhaps finding there just isn’t enough hours in the day, and it’s likely that self-care and wellbeing aren’t at the top of your list either. Yet all of that can change IF you’re ready to do so. Having the courage to take the step can give you the courage to change to live the life you want.

You wish you could find an easier way…a different way….a more productive way.
A way that enables the development of a positive mindset, that creates a clear plan giving clarity, ditching stress with an exciting way forward to realise your aspirations with key aspects of support, resources, and accountability.

A personalised 1:1 intensive coaching package can support you on that way forward and as your coach, I will keep you focused on the way forward that you choose to create your more purposeful, meaningful, and productive life.

Working from a 6 Hour Breakthrough Session, or packages of 5, 7, or 10 sessions, we can also create a bespoke package requirement and coaching support for you to include Accountability, WhatsApp, or Voxer support, as well as accessing your DISC Personality Profiling and of course the Diary Detox app and course which is only accessed via a licensed practitioner.


- ICF ACC Accredited Coach
- Certified Professional mBIT Coach
- Certified Tiny Habits Coach
- ACTP Certified Professional Coach
- ACCT Certified Professional Coach
- Certified NLP Master Practitioner
- Certified DISC Practitioner
- Certified and Licensed Diary Detox® Coach Practitioner
- Professional Member of the ANLP
- Mastery Coaching Certificate in Integrative Energy Techniques
- BSc (Hons) Degree in International Management
- 20 years as a small Business Owner
- 30+ years of business and operational management in SME's and global companies including project management, membership associations, and C-Suite)
- 20 years of Strategy and Business Consulting

Committed to Ongoing Personal Development and Continuing Coach Education
- Habits Coach Pro Student
- Neuroscience Coaching Practices student
- Mastery Coach Certification

Area Of Expertise

Performance, Productivity and Habit Coaching. Behaviour Design for Life Changing Impact. Creating Successful Habits to Maximise Productivity, Performance Aligning with Your Visions, Values and Goals

Working Hours

Weekdays by appointment between 9am-7pm Saturday by appointment only


FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Telephone Call, Zoom, Skype

Hourly Rate

approx £95. Sessions of 5, 7, 10 packages. Breakthrough Strategy Session of 6 hours.

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