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Karl Green
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I am a performance, transformational, personal, wellness coach. I have been coaching in partnership with Wishfish Coaching & Development for 10 years now, having the privilege of working alongside individual clients and larger corporate teams who have the drive to be better, believing that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. Having been a professional dancer for over a decade I have a passion for helping others achieve their performance goals.

As a coach I help clients, whether that be individual or corporate, find the key to unlock their fullest potential. By creating and delivering bespoke tailor-made workshops and one-to-one coaching opportunities to create exceptional results. With a “Take my hand, let’s do it together” style, I create a safe and trusted space where anyone can discover their endless potential. Whether I’m working with one-to-one clients, teams, leaders, managers or even the people we hold closest to our hearts — our potential is limitless.

When we begin to look at coaching, I believe in putting the client at the heart of any interaction, ensuring that they work to their best whilst sustaining their confidence, self belief, well-being and resilience. Coaching gives the opportunity to explore what’s going on now, and what can be achieved with the future as the focus. The value of working with myself as a coach means I serve as the insight-provoking partner, supporting clients in creating a “new era” where wellness, motivation, self belief, confidence and resilience is key and the results produce inspiring, fun, focused positive change to ignite and fire-up individual performance and confidence, and team engagement to sustain success.

The Future Focussed Benefits

Self potential is maximised.
You learn to connect with “you” to empower your inner confidence.
Together we celebrate success and achievements in moving from “where you are, to where you want to be.”
Together we create and set a “new era in your life” - which encompasses emotional intelligence, personal resilience and mental presence.
You build and boost your confidence and performance to succeed in anything and everything.
Together we restore energy, focus and optimism.
Together we ignite belief and success for the year ahead.


Having been coach in partnership with Wishfish Coaching & Development for over a decade I have had the joy of collaborating with many 1-2-1 clients and corporate teams.

I have worked with 233 clients who have been individual 1-2-1 clients, and also part of a corporate team coaching over 2800 hours and counting.

Corporate clients available to mention include: PepsiLipton (A joint venture between PepsiCo and Unilever) Heathrow Airport, Mars Inc, Rush Hair and many more...

I trained with Full Circle Global - Transformational Coaching where we learn to live with a compassionate existence.

Area Of Expertise

Performance Coach | Transformational Coach | Personal Coach | Wellness Coach

Working Hours

Weekdays, 9am- 6pm


FaceTime, Zoom, Telephone Call

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