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Kasia Minda

Business Mentor, Leadership and Business Coach



Business Mentor, Leadership and Business Coach

Gloucestershire, UK

Kasia Minda

United Kingdom


You see I'd worked hard in my career in hospitality to achieve a management role, but my life wasn't working on many levels. Happiness, balance, finances, to name a few. The question is, how do you walk away from your career? And if you do, where do you walk to?

A promotion or new company means more of the same. You need something else. I found a 20 years old company that believes that building people is what builds companies. No glass ceiling. No boss. No set hours. No commute. Loads of colleagues and tons of support to help and mentor you.

In today's world of technology and smartphones, why not be able to work, from your mobile or laptop, when you want or need some extra cash, be able to do it from home, on the bus, in the pub, or on the beach... if you're lazy, and don't do any work, you don't get paid, but when you do a bit of work you can pick up between £250 - £350 for an hours work.

This flexibility, and the massive 1 hit payment available, means you don't need to work 20 hours a week to bring in an extra £200 per month. Normally 1-5 hours is all that is required.


My backgrounds is in hospitality sector. I have led, managed and trained teams for over 20 years.

I have completely changed my career stepping into business mentoring, which has now become my passion. I work with people who would like to diversify their income or create a second income stream alongside their current job/business/commitments.

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Business Mentor, Leadership & Business Coach

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