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Kate Hammer

Existential analytic coach



Existential analytic coach

Moorgate, London

Kate Hammer
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I am an existential analytic coach who works with individuals facing issues in life/work/art/leadership.

Clients include people handling a wide range of responsibilities from CEOs and startup founders to creative artists contending with burnout, and recent graduates entering the world of work. Our coaching intention can dance fluidly across domains of work, life, artistic practice, leadership and love.

I enjoy working with clients who want more imagination in how they frame and solve problems. Clients who work with me earn promotions, start creative businesses, fall in love, find new homes, embark on ambitious art projects and generally experience greater joy, flexibility, clarity and courage in their work and wider lives. As an existential analyst I help people deepen their inner dialogue and their engagement in the wider world; find fortitude in the face of suffering (and sometimes, grace, even joy) and develop their unique personhood.

My coaching approach is grounded in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy (based on the life work of Viktor Fankl). I am also qualifying as a therapeutic counsellor.

Big emotions can be safely shared in our virtual room. Alongside the challenge or intention that brought a client to coaching, I have accompanied clients through arduous life situations: homelessness following a relationship break-up, immigration paperwork, a spouse's death from cancer.

I spent 15 years in the startup/innovation world, helping build successful technology companies acquired by major players and advising global companies on innovation and creativity in the workplace. Now I am metamorphosing into a psychologist and poet. My journey has shown me:

The transformation you ache to undertake -- or life has foisted upon you -- can be tamed, made easier or more graceful with the support of a qualified coach.

'My sessions with Kate were what I can only describe as transformative. She helped me understand some of the things that were blocking me and holding me back. It feels so liberating! I also really valued her deep kindness, empathy, and wisdom.' - client, age 50-something

'Compassionate to her core, Kate’s ability to listen - actively, deeply and non-judgementally - created a safe, enabling environment where I could explore ideas and develop thoughtful solutions. Kate’s appreciation of diverse and multiple perspectives helped to open up new and fresh possibilities for me which I do not think I would have easily realised on my own. Thank you Kate Hammer' - client, age 50

'Kate recently coached me through a major transition point in my life and in my career, which resulted in me confidently shifting my career path from branding and communications to sustainability consulting. This entailed a change in employment, and further study.

Her insights allowed me to frame the decision and the transition in a way that made sense to my head and heart — and to everyone around me, from family to employer. She advised that I look at the situation from all angles and to give the tyres a kick, to see if anything would give way.

I feel that I am now following my true path and purpose, a journey which I started 30 years ago when entering university. With Kate's invaluable help, what could have been a mid-life crisis is instead a mid-life celebration!' - client, mid-40s

'Working with Kate was eye opening. It has helped me to realise my own potential and give me the practices, tools and mindset to find myself, what makes me tick and how to develop in a sustainable way. She is open and trustworthy and I felt very comfortable working with her the whole time, and look forward to doing so again.' - client, age mid-30s


ICF Professional Certified Coach
Pg Cert Business and Individual Coaching, U of Chester
Barefoot Coaching Certificate
Simplexity (deliberate creativity process for groups) Levels 1-3
Time To Think foundation and Thinking Partnerships
Pg Cert Psychology, U of Roehampton
MSc Psychology, U of Derby Online Learning (dissertation stage)
Existential Analysis and Logotherapy Counselling Diploma (underway)

Member: She Leads Change, Race Reflections, London Writers Salon, RSA Fellow

Area Of Expertise

Existential Analytic Coach. Life, Transitions, Work, Leadership, Art and Creativity.

Working Hours

Wed-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-1pm


Zoom, FaceTime, Skype

Hourly Rate

£75-£125 (monthly sessions); £60 (weekly sessions)

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