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Kathryn White

Certified Coach


Certified Coach


Kathryn White
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Hello, I'm Kathryn and I help mums who have taken a career break or who are looking for a career change. I help mums to work out what they want next in work and life, and I support them in taking the steps and gaining the confidence to make it a reality.

As a mother of two small children, I understand the desire to have a fulfilling career with a work-life balance that fits around a family. Having come from a coaching culture in a corporate environment and as a certified coach with a diploma in Transformational Coaching and a certificate in Positive Psychology, the processes I use draw on a plethora of resources and will be tailored to your specific needs.

We start with your desired outcome or change you are looking for. This may be as simple as working out what you want to do with your time to live your best story now you're a mum and building your confidence to get there. It could be that you are a busy working mum wondering if you should make a change. It could be that you're struggling with your new identity as a mum and need to explore what your next chapter looks like and how you can feel like 'you' again. Or, it may be that you have a dream career or life goal that you would like to work towards but you’re lacking the confidence to start.


- Certified with a diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching.
- Certificate in Positive Psychology from Animas Centre for Coaching.
- Worked in the corporate world for over 12 years in organisations with a strong focus on coaching culture where I coached as part of a Senior Leadership Team and was coached myself.

Area Of Expertise

Career, Confidence, Life, Work-life Balance, Positivity

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10am to 3pm


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