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Katie Carswell

Certified Life, Mindfulness & Business Coach



Certified Life, Mindfulness & Business Coach

Online Nationwide & Face to Face South Hams, Devon

Katie Carswell

United Kingdom


Hi, I’m Katie Carswell, life, mindfulness & business coach.

I am your guide, to bring you home to you.

My work and my life are all about living in alignment to your true self and the joy, sense of peace and ease this naturally creates.

I’m devoted to helping people see who they really are, to accept & understand themselves, to recognise their strengths and perceived weaknesses, to guide them to see wisdom where they may just see wounds and to cultivate a life, business, career, relationships, that encompasses exactly who they are and how they want their life to be.

I am a sensitive, intuitive and empathetic Human Design projector, I use Human Design as a tool in my work also. I am born to guide you.

The only 2 defined channels in my human design chart are for joy seeking and alignment/surrender.

One contains the intuitive and energetic ability to make things right (for you) so you can find and experience your own personalised joy in life. And the other is the channel for alignment and surrender [to what is & what your life is actually meant to be].

I am literally here to guide you to let go of what is not needed and return to your truth and integrity, so you can live a full and happy life.

I use to believe that in order to feel happy & successful, I needed to scale my business and 'achieve' lots of things, all the things I thought I wanted or needed, to make me ‘feel’ like a success, happy and fulfilled turned out to not be the things I wanted after all.

What I really wanted was far simpler space to be, time to swim, full presence with my daughter, to feel truly me. And I have learnt that how you feel as you grow your business and live your life now, is more important than how you think you’ll feel when you get ‘there’. In fact, it’s how you do things today that will shape the results you get, and when done from alignment, peace and wholeness, you will get everything you need.

So I choose simple, joyous, ease and fulfilment every day and I invite you to do so too.

I live in the South Hams in Devon, close to the sea and surrounded by countryside, a constant source of inspiration and joy to me.

I love to wild swim, off the beach at Mothecombe or in the pools and rivers of Dartmoor.

I’m a wife and mummy.
I am a home bird.
I adore being with my family, my dog’s morning greeting, deserted Dartmoor walks, the beach, sunshine, dahlias in our garden and the view from our kitchen on a hot, summers day.

Kundalini yoga feels like coming home to me.

I’m addicted to books, buying crystals with my daughter, house plants and the colour neon pink.

I am at my happiest if you give me a cinnamon bun washed down with a flat white.


I am a certified mindfulness & life coach and Jikiden reiki healer.

I have worked as a business development and marketing coach/mentor for the past 23 years, 12 of those in my own business, guiding fellow entrepreneurs to do the same.

My work is multi-disciplined and whilst you can book life/business, mindfulness & reiki sessions separately, there is much power, healing and transformation in the 3 combined.

Mindfulness & Life coaching combined creates change on a much deeper level than more traditional, purely logic and goal orientated methods. Whilst it builds upon traditional models of life coaching, it draws upon a wide range of other modalities to cultivate harmony between mind and body. The magic is in the wholeness created by connecting the two.

I also [with consent] send all of my clients reiki healing energy to support your individual needs and journey, as we work together, which aids the processes further.

During our time together we can can dip in out or combine modalities, we will naturally be guided to what is best for you.

Whatever path you choose trust you will get exactly the support that you need.

I love Human Design and use it throughout my work (and personal life). It is an incredible tool for personal and professional alignment.

On a practical 'business' level I have worked in PR, graphics and branding agencies. I’ve managed teams, designers, studios and numerous multi-million pound client accounts.

I’ve worked in-house, freelance and owned my own marketing agency. I have worked with business to business and business to consumer clients, from solopreneurs and small start-ups to multi-million-pound companies.

I have planned, organised and managed 6+ figure marketing launches.

I have helped countless clients create their own unique, aligned business and marketing plans and see them flourish and fly because of it.

I’ve experience in all types of marketing, TV, radio, magazines, podcasts, e-commerce, brochures, print, PR, email, content, advertising plus all forms of online.

I have helped clients grow and market their businesses with and without social media.

I know my stuff and I completely own that.

“Katie’s guidance, support and incredible wisdom enabled me to see life through a different lens and turn everything around last year.
The impact is profound and long lasting and 6 months later I am still on the new path, I have seen change across all areas of my life but mainly in the areas that needed to change most – whether I originally realised they did or not.." ~ Camilla - Coaching client

If you are curious, intrigued, in need of some calm, a grounded space just to be and explore some of what is going on for you right now, I would love to help you.

I also understand that coaching, especially if you have not tried it before or have had a bad experience, can feel daunting or intangible. That is why I invite you to make a decision based on how it makes you feel, having experienced it for yourself. I offer a free complimentary session, from which you can decide if you would like to work together again or not, whatever you decide is perfect. I know you will get something that you need from this free session.

if you are interested you can read more about the work and book a free session to try it out here >

Area Of Expertise

Life and Business Coaching

Working Hours

Monday - Thursday 10 - 3, evenings and weekends on request


Zoom, Telephone Call, FaceTime, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Hangouts

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