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Katy Hope

Leadership Coach


Leadership Coach

Painshawfield, Northumberland

Katy Hope

United Kingdom


I specialise in helping first time managers become awesome leaders.

I found stepping into my first management role hugely overwhelming. The changing dynamics from being a friend and colleague to being the ‘boss’ was hard and for a while I felt lost, isolated and inadequate. I was desperate to make an impact and be seen as effective but unsure where to start. I really wanted to build trust with my team but found trusting without micromanaging a challenge and I wanted to feel accepted as a manager by my peers. I avoided difficult conversations for fear of how they might be received, and that people wouldn’t like me. Most importantly, I knew I needed help but didn’t know how or where to ask for it – after all, I’d just been promoted – how could I possibly speak up and say at times I didn’t know what I was doing?

Since those first few painful years I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some phenomenal managers and leaders, and I’ve received a ton of personal and professional development - all of which has helped me understand myself better. I’m a much more authentic me and I’m able to connect with people more easily.

When I speak, the words are my own and I’m comfortable having difficult conversations and challenging or disagreeing with people. I approach situations with my own style and I’m immeasurably more confident as a result. While I’ve learned to speak, I’ve also learned to listen – really listen - and found this hugely powerful and impactful. You can achieve so much when you take the time to really listen.

The main thing I’ve learned through almost 25 years as a manager and leader is that human beings are complicated, with differing personalities, wants, needs and motivations. Understanding and navigating those complexities is an essential skill if you want to be successful. I can help you connect more effectively with yourself and in turn more effectively with others. This will level up your leadership, level up your impact and enable you to climb the ladder faster.

By the way, there are still things I find uncomfortable (such as public speaking) but… I know how to manage myself when these things arise. Let’s just call them a work in progress because after all - I’m still human!


Coaching Experience:
• Coached dozens of individuals over the last 15 years within the areas of leadership, impact, career progression, confidence, public speaking and redundancy
• Internal Coach for Virgin Money
• Telephone coaching support for MacMillan cancer sufferers
• Coaching support for graduates during their work placement rotations
• Performance Coach for internal management development programmes
• Empowerment speaker at an internal ‘Ignite’ event – growing and empowering the next generation of Team Leaders for Virgin Money
• Candidate assessor at Virgin Money graduate intake events
• Coaching military spouses to help build resilience and re-enter the workplace in a role they’re passionate about
• Worked with leaders at Bullion Hall, a not-for-profit organisation to develop their leadership style, authenticity and maximise their impact
• Created an impactful story-based speech for a ‘Purpose Fest’ event, connecting colleagues to the power of listening and purpose and empowering them to take action

Qualifications / Memberships / Accreditations:-
• International Coach Federation- Member
• ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
• Transformational Coach
• PgC in Business through Senior Leadership Apprentice

Area Of Expertise

Leadership Coaching

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