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Laurence Hewitt

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Laurence Hewitt
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I started my coaching career 15 years ago, as an Agile coach at MTV Networks/Viacom. I was also Senior Director of Operations, helping the organization deliver compelling web sites, mobile apps and emerging technology. Later, I would work for IBM as an Agile and Executive Coach, helping marketing, sales and technical leaders, around the world, achieve their strategic, professional and personal goals. Today, I run my own successful coaching practice, providing executive, career, cognitive behavioral and life coaching.


I am an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, with 15 years of coaching experience, 15+ years managing & coaching digital technology, marketing & sales teams, internationally, within companies like IBM, Viacom & Time Warner. I also have a Master's in Interactive Telecommunications and training in psychology.


"My experience with Laurence Hewitt through the Better Up Coaching Program has been nothing short of amazing. From the first session to the last he coached me through some insecurities I had as a leader and in turn, bettered the larger team. He helped me gain confidence and work towards techniques that helped me grow as a leader. He also coached me to approach and empower my team to grow which has radically changed the day to day within my department. I will always look back on my time with Laurence with such gratitude."
VP, Creative Marketing, major media company

“This year was certainly a testing one for me along with many others. And I must say, if I could survive these tough times, it is only because of Laurence. I underwent a lot of trauma and struggled to understand the underlying things and it was with your coaching that I started to see myself from within. Thank you so much for all your time throughout. I am glad for you lent your ears and coached me to combat my challenges. I am ever grateful to you for introducing to me the Stoic philosophy and for everything else you did. I wish to continue getting coached and gain strength from you in the coming year too. “ Business Agility Manager, major tech company

"Over the past few weeks I have been working to better empower my team members. Through Laurence's guidance, I have been able to have those tough conversations with ease." VP of Creative Marketing, large media company

"Laurence was fantastic & introduced me to a great technique to formalize my goals. Working with him thru the exercise was extremely helpful." CyberSecurity Director at large media company.

"Working with Laurence helped me to reframe my outlook on working life. His guided approach helped me define what is meaningful about work for me, what criteria are important for me in my career progression, and how to improve my current working relationships." Research Designer within large tech company

"Identification of my values and strengths has helped gain even more confidence in myself and having this self-awareness is really helping me identify the areas where i can be most productive and deliver efficient results." Service Delivery Director, major media company

"In three sessions, Laurence brought me to an awareness of what was holding me back; something my therapist wasn't able to do in two years!" Marketing Operations Manager in large tech company.

"Laurence, having your guidance during my pregnancy, empowered me with a positive and relaxed mindset. My baby will definitely appreciate as much as I do. I am now conquering my fears and feeding my strengths with determination to become even more confident in myself." Digital Strategist and new mother at major tech company.

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Executive and Career Coaching

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9am - 6pm


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