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Liberty Forrest

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Mindset Mastery


Liberty Forrest

United Kingdom


I am an award-winning author, speaker, podcast host, and contributor for the Huffington Post and Thrive Global . I am also a Senior Contributor at SportsEdTV. I have written articles for more than 50 publications around the globe, also writing several books that cover a range of personal development topics with a focus on the power of the mind. I have also to been a guest on approximately 100 radio shows, podcasts, and summits.

With a background in the social work and counselling industry, I am also a hypnotist as well as a mindfulness and meditation expert. Currently, I specialise in law of attraction and mindset mastery principles for personal and professional success, achieving goals, and in particular, taking control and manifesting your dream life.


Background in social work/counselling industry
Certified in Hypnosis for the Professions
Mindfulness Meditation Expert
Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
Certified Transformational Life Coach
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Master NLP Practitioner

Liberty is one of the most inspirational people I have met. She came into my life when I was struggling. Her wealth of knowledge...was so valuable as was her innate ability to know what could be of help. She gave me hope and a positive focus during fear-driven moments. She is a true sensitive and passionate light worker with much knowledge to share. - Jo Reid, Plymouth UK

Area Of Expertise

Mindset Mastery & Law of Attraction

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Tue:11am-2pm, 6pm-8pm



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