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Lila Ramsahai

Holistic Life Coach/Therapist



Holistic Life Coach/Therapist

London (W1G)

Brighton (BN1)

Lila Ramsahai

United Kingdom


Hi, I am Lila,

I have been in the field of personal development since 2005 and I firstly qualified and worked as a psychotherapist before being accredited and working as a Holistic Life Coach. Prior to this, however, I worked internationally within large corporations throughout Europe.

Life hasn't always been plain sailing for me, where both Eastern and Western theories and practices have been very helpful for my personal growth.

As a Holistic or mind, body and soul coach is great to connect with my life purpose, which is: to help people connect with themselves, bring out what they are truly about and help them thrive in life.

The mind, body and soul are related or connected and important aspects when I help people understand and cope with their blockages or 'stuckness' in life.

Often if one area of your life doesn't work well, for example, your career, it can affect all other parts of your life such as your relationships, thoughts (being worried) and purpose.


Professional Qualifications:

Accredited Wellbeing Life Coach, UK

Masters degree in Intercultural Communication & Relationships, University of Surrey, UK

BSc. degree in Integrative Counselling, University of Surrey, UK

Personal Development Growth:


Area Of Expertise

Relationships, Stress, Anxiety

Working Hours

Monday - Saturday


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate


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