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Lisa Sheerin

Performance and Change Coach



Performance and Change Coach


Lisa Sheerin

United Kingdom


Welcome! My name is Lisa, and I am based in London.

I am a Confidence and change Coach.

I combine coaching and performance skills to help others gain confidence, and create change in their life.

I worked as an actor for 14 years, both in theatre and film. Alongside this I have worked in the fitness industry as a group exercise coach for 16 years. I understand the importance of shifting from a fixed to growth mindset, in order to gain the confidence, and have the desire to know you can succeed at what you want. I currently work as a long standing indoor cycle Instructor for Third Space, a leading competitor in luxury health clubs.

The transferable skills I have taken from these two professions blend seamlessly into coaching. I listen deeply to my clients needs and desires, and partner with them to create incredible change in their lives.


I am a qualified ACC coach, which stands for Associate Certified coach, through the International Coaching Federation.

This means that I follow the ICF guidelines to ensure that my coaching is of an extremely high standard, serving my clients with excellence.

I have been coaching since May 2020, and I have over 200 coaching hours.

I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner, through the NLP school.

I trained as Actor at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London for three years.

Area Of Expertise

Confidence. Mindset. Public Speaking

Working Hours

I am flexible weekdays and weekends


Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate


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