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Recovery Life Coach


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Recovery Life Coach

Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire


The core of my career experience lies within the addiction field. I've worked in this area for 20 years and also have lived experience. Over the years I've worked with young people, adults and those in recovery with varying degrees of addiction to different substances from alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, heroin to amphetamine.

If you are reading this, you might have tried numerous times to give up or cut down on your own but have been unsuccessful. It's harder than what people think. There are times in life when we need an extra helping hand to guide, coach and offer advice. When cutting down or stopping there are safe and riskier ways. It depends how dependent you are. Then you have to think about your triggers, create new coping mechanisms and learn how to deal with cravings. It entails creating a plan to address your use and a plan on how to live without it.

It might sound daunting but that's because you are going into the unknown where change is going to happen. One thing that you need to have is the desire to change. I've worked with many people in recovery and they all say to me 'there's no magic cure, you've just got to WANT IT.

I also have experience in working with people to improve their self-esteem & confidence, anxiety & depression, stress, weight loss, fitness and finances.

Together we can create a healthier and happier YOU!


Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner - Nina Madden & Life Changes
Addiction Studies - Certificate of Higher Education
Mindfulness Master Practitioner - Udemy Level 3
Motivational Interviewing - Certa Level 3

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Alcohol & Drug Use

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Mon - Thurs 3-9pm
Friday 9-9pm
Saturday 9-12
Sunday 4-9


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