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Lucy Fernandez

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Life Coach


Lucy Fernandez

United Kingdom


36 years experience as a frontline health professional in both the NHS and private sector and a single parent to four incredible young people. There is definitely a book or two in me! I have had the heart breaks, the challenges and the adventures.

What I offer is the experience and skill base to coach professional women who are spinning a vast number of plates, just about coping and feeling exhausted. I have been there - managing the home, the family and every issue that comes by, along with maintaining the professional, focused, hard working business persona. It's tough.

I have been able to offload all those responsibilities for long enough that I could evaluate what I had, what I was doing and revisit my purpose. I then decluttered my life, developed the ability to say 'no' and to delegate, and ensure that everything I spent my valuable time on was worth it to me. I created order, peace and a system that worked for me.

I am absolutely passionate about support individual in the same position to pause, re-focus and prepare to move forward in a calm and happy way, with the aim of creating the life they truly want to live.


I have a degree in public health from Southampton University and qualifications in nursing, midwifery and health visiting. I now work for the NHS creating an innovative mentoring programme and coaching NHS colleagues.

I have a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy which is a level 5 qualification. I have a private practice, coaching motivated individuals who are wanting to invest in themselves to create transformations within their lives.

Throughout my career I have been proud of my relationship building and communication skills. Quality work comes out of trusting, positive relationships. I am enthusiastic, creative and passionate about coaching and supporting my clients to make positive change in their lives.

Area Of Expertise

Work/Life Balance Transformational Coach

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Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 5pm-9pm; Thursday/Friday 7am-9pm; Saturday 8-1


Microsoft Teams, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts

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