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Mahnaz Hasan

Life Skills Coach



Life Skills Coach


Mahnaz Hasan

United Arab Emirates


Mahnaz is a Certified People Development Specialist, and has 18 plus years of work experience in Education, Media & Communications and Entrepreneurship.

Since 2013, she has coached a diverse range of individuals, locally and internationally, for Leadership, Career, Relationships, Personal & Professional Development, and other areas. She also mentors Coaches and Groups.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation and voluntarily coaches United Nations Agency professionals for Leadership, Performance, Transition and Change Management.

She challenges conventional ways of thinking, simplifies complex concepts, imparts a holistic understanding of Life and its Relationships, to sharpen critical Life-skills and facilitate Growth and Self-Empowerment

You will find a growing number of client testimonials on, as well as some over LinkedIn, to witness her contribution.


Certified Professional CoActive Coach
Certified EQ Practitioner
Certified Group Coach
Certified Team Coach

Area Of Expertise

Life, Leadership, Career, Relationships

Working Hours

4pm - 8pm


FaceTime, Zoom, Telephone Call, Microsoft Teams

Hourly Rate


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