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Executive and Team Coach



Executive and Team Coach


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I draw on over twenty years experience working in top management structures having occupied a number of C-Level leadership positions and directorships in travel and tourism, financial services, franchise operations, property development; gaming and IT as well as the educational sector (TEFL).

I believe that leadership capacity resides in everyone and that helping one become more emotionally intelligent sets the scene for growth and achievement of goals. I also support the view that leadership development, especially in a corporate setting, needs to be multi-faceted combining different approaches that work synergistically.

I was among the first coaches globally to hold the Individual Team Coach Accreditation (Foundation) by EMCC Global and am also Belbin Team Roles Accredited with extensive coaching and mentoring experience.


ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Belbin Team Roles Accreditation
Global Team Coaching Institute Foundations Certified Coach
EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation

Area Of Expertise

I support  leaders and their teams to achieve their goals through systemic coaching and bespoke development programmes which seek to build capacity on their strengths

Working Hours

Mon - Sat 08:00-19:00


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate

30 min Consultation Session - Free

Executive Coaching - £150/hr

Leadership EQ (8 x 1-hour session programme) - £950

Impact & Influence (12 x1 hour session) - £1250

Career Enhancer (6 x 1-hour session programme)

Team Coaching - please contact