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Mario Do Carmo

Performance and Relationship Coach


Health & Wellness

Performance and Relationship Coach

Grimsby, UK

Mario Do Carmo

United Kingdom


Mario has a Master Degree in Nursing.

He also is a Relationship Coach and lecturer, with a back ground as a clinical educator, masseuse, personal trainer, Reiki and Meditation facilitator and an entrepreneur.

His extensive international experience in cancer care, within many different cancer centres, helped him to develop a vast knowledge in patient care and support.

Being, for many years, at the forefront of healthcare for patients affected by one of the scourges of the 21st century, Mario developed countless skills and priceless knowledge, which made him the successful professional he is at the present.

This has been achieved thanks his dedication in several well-known and market leading hospitals and clinics in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Cambridge, Bedford and London (LOC, Harley Street Clinic, Platinum Medical Centre, UCLH, Princess Grace Hospital).

As a coach he has supported people from different expertise areas and backgrounds. From teachers, health and finance professionals, lawyers, business managers and high performing athletes, Mario has successfully impacted their lives.

He also delivers coaching sessions for those who are willing to change their performance as a team or group.

As a lecturer, he spend almost a decade teaching hundreds of students to become high level health professionals in Sports massage, lymphatic drainage techniques and deep tissues manipulation.

He coached a cycling team and achieved an honourable second place in the Portuguese national championship.

Mario also has supported many other sports teams such as in basketball, football and swimming.

Working at the present for an international health company as a one to one field based nurse, Mario continues to deliver first class services in the healthcare industry.


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Area Of Expertise

Stress relief

Anger Management

Overcoming Self-limitations and low Self-Confidence

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Flexible according to clients needs


Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Telephone Call

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