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Marion Estienne

Consultant and Coach, Leadership Development



Consultant and Coach, Leadership Development

Boston, MA, USA. Moving to the UK June 2022

Marion Estienne

United States


Marion Estienne’s expertise is in international business, creating the agile leader, as well as global leadership challenges. She develops leaders (along with their teams) to meet the demands of the global marketplace and to perform more effectively in an environment characterized by uncertainty, rapid change, and complexity. Hence, the need for leadership agility.

Leadership and developing leaders are her passion. She believes it is not possible to move forward as an organization without transformational leadership. She explored this theme in a radio program entitled Present Tense, Future Perfect on the Bold and Brave Media Global Network/Tunein Radio with guests who are experts in the fields of innovation, climate change, and technology.
Marion has been in the Boston area since 2007. She is a fluent French speaker with some German. Prior to returning to the US, she lived in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. She is a dual citizen of the US and the UK. Her perspective on business is both multi-cultural and global. She applies a systems perspective when working with clients and encourages them to do likewise. As a facilitator, consultant, and coach, she has worked with executives and professionals from almost all countries in the European Community as well as with Russians and Chinese.
Prior to returning to the United States, Marion worked for Sundridge Park Management Centre in the UK. SPMC was part of the PA Consulting Group. She worked in the Leadership and Teams Cluster with such clients as British Gas, Volvo, UK, United Technologies, and Schindler Elevator and Escalators. One of her responsibilities was to support PA, France to develop their management development business using the tools and techniques of SPMC.

She subsequently founded her consulting practice in London, deLafayette, Ltd. Her clients included pharmaceuticals and diagnostics companies such as Roche and what was Smith, Kline, Beecham. She worked in France and the UK for Vivendi, Veolia, Total Chemicals, and Royal Dutch Shell. It was at this time she became interested in executive coaching and began her coach formation with Amadeus and the Middlesex University.
Upon returning to the US, Marion was appointed senior faculty in the Custom Solutions Team at the Colorado Springs campus of the Centre for Creative Leadership. She was a member of the design and delivery of CCL’s Advancing Global Leadership program. She missed her coaching practice, however, and decided to return to the East Coast to pursue a career devoted to developing her knowledge and skills in executive coaching.

This led her to Boston where she founded 3sixtyglobal which focuses on coaching leaders to develop their levels of agility according to the vertical model developed by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs. She quickly determined that this was a model of leadership development suited to the development of global leaders. She also keeps abreast of developments in the intercultural field by working for IOR Global Services with expat executives. Currently she is exploring the relevance of Neuroscience as it is applied to cultural differences. This would be a new paradigm for learning how to adapt when necessary to other cultures.


The following is a list of the accreditations and licenses I hold for assessments and instruments that I could employ during a coaching engagement. Note that my ICF accredited coaching program was at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, CA, completing the course in 2012. I specifically trained with all products for coaching with the Management Research Group. Not only did I pursue an accreditation with Bill Joiner's 360 degree feedback instrument for Leadership Agility but followed a 10 week international coaching course on how to coach for Leadership Agility.

• Coach Certification: ICF Approved Program at the Hudson Institute of Executive Coaching, Santa Barbara, CA
• Herrmann Brain Dominance Inventory (HBDI)
• Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), Steps I and II
• Firo Elements (B, F, S)
• Management Research Group suite of assessments: Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360-degree feedback, Personal Directions Inventory, including the Individual Directions Inventory, IDI Career Report and Sales Performance Assessment
• Leadership Agility 360-degree assessment, the Accelerator and certified for Coaching for Leadership Agility
• NLP Business Practitioner
• Coach training by Amadeus International and I-Coach Academy (Psychology of Coaching) (UK)
• Certified Career Transition Coach by NextStepPartners (also trained in career transition by Right Management in the UK and in the US)
• Application for ICF ACC accreditation (pending)
• Global Mindset Inventory (Thunderbird University’s Najafi Global Mindset Institute)
• International Profiler and Trust in Teams Indicator (Worldwork, Ltd) (UK)
• Trompenaar’s International Awareness Profiler (7 Dimensions of Culture model)
• Country Navigator (TMA World)

My industry experience has been very varied as well as the types of individuals I have coached. For example, in Europe I coached lawyers based in a regulatory agency and a City law firm, Ph D’s and MD’s in the Research and Development Executive Team in Roche Diagnostics as a result of their merger with Boehringer Mannheim, Management and Production executives in SKB based on the HBDI, Board members of a Veolia owned UK water company. In the US it has been principally individual clients such as a glass artist, a Congregationalist Minister, a Funding Director in a not for profit, a tech start-up founder, a Financial Analyst assuming leadership of a non-US Chamber of Commerce, among others.

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Leadership and Teams, Leadership Agility

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weekdays, 9 - 5


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