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Marlene Philippou

Coach CPCC, ACC - Lead Conscious Lives



Coach CPCC, ACC - Lead Conscious Lives

Nicosia, Cyprus

Marlene Philippou



Like the bright yellow sunflowers, I am always drawn to where the light is, to where a caring warm sun spreads its rays, to skies that are clear and to blue seawaters that are visible and transparent..

Hello, I am Marlene🌻

I live by the Mediterranean sea, I love unity, authenticity, simplicity, warmth, openness, clarity and to know where I’m going. Nothing rejuvenates me more than ‘walking through’ life, connecting with people, observing cultures, being moved by the commonalities that exist between humans and listening to stories.

What led me to coaching, is my love for people!
I am passionate about empowering people lead conscious lives!
I am also a champion for people who aspire to be the best version of themselves!

I love to support them as they do the deep transformative work to get there, I celebrate their wins with them and empower them towards seeking careers that are gratifying and lives that are uncompromisingly fulfilling.

I am a respected and long-time contributor in my community and internationally, with a commitment in the fields of education, youth development and people's empowerment. Empowerment to embrace their inner fire to transform their future.

My services stem from three areas of expertise:

i) I am a Certified Co-Active Coach, trained by the Coaches Training Institute (the largest organisation in the world training coaches) and love to support both men and women through:

- transitions in both personal and corporate environments
- finding balance and fulfilment
- managing change
- relationships at work and in life

ii) I am also a Licensed Career Coach, with 20 years experience in guiding people:

- pinpoint their direction and be in careers of fulfilment and contentment
- prepare them for success through practical tools and widely tested methodologies

iii) Since 1996, through the organisation I founded, S.M.A.R.T. Options Educational, I have successfully guided and coached some 15,000 teens & university students, with life, study and career options and paths.

As a highly experienced educational and academic consultant and counsellor I have also helped hundreds of students secure places at reputable academic institutions and have been entrusted to be the official representative of 20 top British Universities in Cyprus.

With 40+ years in the professional arena, 25 dedicated in the service of those searching to discover their mission and define their life & career paths, as well as a lifetime of personal development inner work, my journey led me to the understanding that it is only when accessing the most authentic expression of ourselves, that we can define our purpose in life.

I'd be very happy to co-travel with those of you who want to embark on this magical journey! Want to join me?

What clients say:

‘Marlene is a natural connector, curious about people and works with real empathy, which means that people will want to work with her not just for the outcome, but for the enjoyable and eventful journey she will take them on. Her upbringing and the challenges she has faced and overcame, are very valuable when other people are trying to overcome their own impediments. She has a fascinating story to tell and a background that makes her stand out from the crowd. Her clients are in excellent hands with her. ‘

‘I regard Marlene as a big positive force in my life! Our coaching sessions were always the highlight of my day and her positive energy and laughter were contagious! Marlene helped me through a very difficult time in my career when I was feeling stuck in a job that did not lead anywhere…’

‘Marlene is an amazing and very inspiring career coach! I went to her with issues at my work and our coaching sessions together opened up a whole new world to me and offered me new perspectives. Although I don’t share easily deep thoughts and feelings, I instantly felt I could trust Marlene and share with her anything going on inside of me.’

‘Marlene is very gifted and a deep listener. Our intersections have always been engaging yet relaxing. Her ability to register immediately what someone is telling her, enables her to identify those ‘hidden’ and “side” aspects in a person’s response. Her calm and reassuring tone of voice, positions her very well in terms of instilling trust and confidence in people.’


CPCC - Certified Profesional Co-Active Coach, CTI
ACC - Associate Certified Coach, ICF
Licensed Career Coach, Firework
Certified Advisor for British Higher Education system, The British Council
P/G Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing
BA Business Administration

Area Of Expertise

Empowerment & Personal Leadership Coach▪️ Educational Coach & Mentor for Teens & Young Adults -since 1996 ▪️ Career Fulfilment Coach ▪️ Senior Education Consultant for University Studies & Pathways

Working Hours



FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

€125 - €250

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