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Maxine Brown

Life Coach and Grief and Bereavement Coach


Life Coach and Grief and Bereavement Coach

Online, based in UK

Maxine Brown

United Kingdom


I have studied and qualified in a variety of coaching and personal development techniques - all have had their place in the different aspects of my career because what ever my job title was its the process of enabling the people around me that has mattered the most and given me most satisfaction.

I have worked in training and retail in a few different roles but the greatest test of my ability to survive, regroup and grow has been in my personal life.

In 2010 I lost my lovely, bright and feisty daughter in an accident that no mum should ever have to hear about it let alone live through and at a time when my husband and I needed most to be there for one another I discovered he was in fact not there for me at all because he was having an affair. As is the way of things these days - I found out by text!

This formed a massive turning point in my life - I walked out of my family home, found myself a house of my own and began very gradually to rebuild my life. I was determined that the new me was going to be as strong as that lovely daughter of mine and that my new life was one to be proud of.

It has taken a while and there have been some dark times but using the methods I am going to pass on to you I can say now I feel happy, secure, independent and able to move ahead with my life. I found that I needed to use alternative therapy to help me recover. I used health kinesiology and also talked about the traumas I had gone through.

Unsurprisingly once I had taken that big step of valuing myself and beginning to practise real self care the Universe responded by sending me someone who does the same! I met my new partner - now my husband - within just a few weeks of starting my new life.

I feel very strongly that this life experience has put me in a unique place to help others


Level 3 diploma in Grief & Bereavement Psychotherapy
Accredited diploma in coaching and mentoring
Life coaching diploma
Human Resource management diploma
Designated safeguarding officer level 4
NLP Certificate

Area Of Expertise

Life Coach and Grief & Bereavement Coach

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9:30- 4:00


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

£35 per hour

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