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Michael Leonard

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Executive Career and Business Coach

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Michael Leonard
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United Arab Emirates


I am Ashridge Certified Executive coach (through Hult International Business School UK), have a Masters Science in Executive Coaching (Hult), am a certified leadership and executive NLP coach, therapist and counsellor through University of Southern Queensland in Australia, CEO and entrepreneur with over 20+ years in partnering with clients to reach true potential - whatever that may be!

As a leadership coach & therapist, I embark on a journey with you, my client, to determine, focus and achieve what it is exactly you are after in your life, and help you work more effectively and find your place in both work and life.

As a therapist, I help men navigate the complexity of life, finding your true inner self and guiding you to embrace and discover your place in the world. You can learn to control your anger, your shame, sadness, depression, relationship issues, intimacy or whatever it is that prevent you living the life you want, resulting in deeper connections and richer communications with everyone.

Being grounded in life results in fuller and more meaningful relationships with our partners, our family, our friends, our work colleagues and most importantly ourselves.

A successful business leader with 20 years in the people business, I am available to coach and guide you to ensure that your personal goals are achieved, benefiting both you and every aspect of your life. I work with the whole person - not just the "at work" person, for I believe that to be successful at work you need to be at peace in all other areas of your life.

I am experienced in assisting with successful succession planning for local corporations and MNC's, coaching the next generation to take the steps needed to be tomorrow's leaders. I have a passion in coaching entrepreneurs in developing new business ventures, from conception to implementation to growing and managing, using a solid business mind and a balanced viewpoint to run a successful business.

A passionate adventure seeker, motorcycle enthusiast, and nomadic traveller, I find solace in nature, daily meditation and yoga, using my expertise in the arts side of martial arts (2 x karate black belt), and have found the balance of incorporating my spiritual existence within the corporate world.


Executive & Leadership Coach - Therapist/Counsellor
Human-Elements: Developing People
2005 – Present

I have evolved over the years and tend to attract executives that are looking to achieve behavioural change in any aspect of their life - work, home, social, play - whatever it may be.

I work with individuals and teams - identifying blockages and uncovering strategies that help break down the barriers that prevent the person or the team achieving goals.

A specialist in addiction modification - whether it be substance (drug, alcohol) or behavioural (work, sex, social media, food etc), I use cognitive and behavioural therapies to identifying triggers and develop coping tools to avoid relapses.

I challenge communication and behaviour styles that break down personal relationships (work, home, social) by identifying values and behaviours that are incongruent with who we really are - helping to reprogram non-serving subconscious behaviours into conscious serving ones.

Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School
Executive Coach

Jun 2020 – Present

Aspiriti Recruitment Group
Advisor to CEO - Aspiriti Recruitment
Aspiriti Recruitment Group
Employed2002 – Present

Nov 2019 – Present
Bringing men's groups and men's work to the Middle East to help Men create richer and more meaningful lives.

These stats need fixing:
* The highest rate of suicide is in middle age men
* Men are 3x more likely to develop substance abuse issues then women

ANYMAN is committed to reducing this in the Middle East by impacting thousands of men positively.

Checkout our workshops, our groups and our events.

ANYMAN made a difference to my life, and we want to help men find their place in the world, with themselves, their family, their friends and their careers.

The Humanitarian Coaching Network
Executive Coach
The Humanitarian Coaching Network
Oct 2018 – Present

Executive Recruitment Companies
Senior Recruitment Consultant/Manager/Director
Executive Recruitment Companies
Jan 1998 – Sep 2002

Worked with a couple of global executive recruitment companies specializing in senior finance recruitment in:
* New Zealand
* Hong Kong
* Australia

Finance Consultant
Jan 1987 – Dec 1998
Employment Duration12 yrs
Worked as finance consultant for resources industry including:
* Lihir Gold PNG
* Ross Mining (Gold) Charters Towers Australia
* RGL (Gold) Charters Towers Australia

Area Of Expertise

Executive Career and Business Coach

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Saturday to Thursday


Microsoft Teams, Zoom

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