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Miné Ovacik

Creative Mindset Coach



Creative Mindset Coach


Miné Ovacik

United Kingdom


Miné Ovacık is founding Director of MINOVA. She is a multidisciplinary designer, PP (personal performance) and creative / design coach, design researcher (Ph.D.), and academic, who has been exploring exciting new design opportunities in London / UK as a design adventurist and innovator since September 2019. London and England are completely new geography for her creations, where she will enthusiastically present them through MINOVA.

You can surf in check out her 25+ year design journey.

Miné is a design adventurist, entrepreneur, and innovator, performing in the fields of design practice, research, and education.

For 25+ years, she has been creating environmentally and socially conscious objects, commercial products, interior spaces, participatory co‑design projects, and publications rooted in user‑centred design.


Creative Mindset Coach for Senior Leaders, Team Players in Creative Industries, empowering them to make their journey more creative, innovative, and professionally joyful, and inspiring their entrepreneurial spirit.

I bring a wealth of international knowledge and experience with over 20+ years of experience in Product / Industrial Design Education (Assoc. Prof., 2017, Ph.D., 2002). Helping employees, working for/ in creative industries, owners of small businesses in the arts and craft field who are stuck, overwhelmed in their career path, and also not able to perform with their actual potential. Coaching them to find their genuine way to move on. Empowering and inspiring them to achieve getting back onto their track by being and thinking creatively, innovatively. They are gaining back their joy in their daily life.

On the other hand, as a Post-Industrial / Product Designer, maker, creating products with felt making, and launching them to the maker's market in London.

As a Design Researcher, my research interest focuses on Ecologically and Socially Responsible Design, Social Design, Co-Design, Design for/with 90%, and Sustainable Design. Working with/for creative communities, especially women, kids from minority ethnic groups through Craft and Cultural Heritage Studies for wellbeing. Co-leading or participating in Social Change and Entrepreneurship Projects, and leading workshops in these areas in London.

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Career Coach for Junior / Senior Leaders in Creative Industries

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