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Navin Jaitly

Performance Coaching



Performance Coaching


Navin Jaitly

United Kingdom


I'm a Performance Coach. I help people reach their potential and exceed their goals. I do this by using deep questioning, unique coaching methods and draw upon the techniques I have used personally for success. If you want to work with me it will get uncomfortable but you will get results.

Having worked in Corporate sales for 15 years I had learnt a lot about pressure and performance. Throughout my career I was frustrated by the training , mentoring that I received. Even though these made a difference they didn't really transform my performance. I had been inconsistent , showing flashes of brilliance with periods of mediocrity. I was frustrated as I was so eager to leap forward but it always felt more like a crawl.

I then discovered the world of personal development. I spent a lot of time reading and attending seminars and my progress picked up speed. Although I still wasn't going forward exponentially. I still had my frustrations and roadblocks . I made a decision to follow what I read in the books by hiring a coach and this proved to be the game changer. My performance in many areas of my life skyrocketed and I couldn't believe by how much. I then decided that my mission would be to help others benefit in the way that I did. I took an executive coaching course, read every book on personal development and locked myself away to create my own unique coaching system.

Now I help people push through their boundaries and hit their goals. I help them to stop feeling frustrated and I help them make the lasting change that works over the long term. I don't just go by the things I've read in books but also from the journey that I've personally been on to create significant change. I know the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are on both sides of the performance fence. I now have a personal mission to help as many people hit the performance levels they've always been dreaming of so that they can live more fulfilling and happier lives


Human Technics Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Coaching (Accredited by University of Bristol).

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Performance Coaching

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