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Neva Muzammil

Certified Academic and Career Coach (ACC)



Certified Academic and Career Coach (ACC)


Neva Muzammil

United Kingdom


My own journey is informed by my life as an expat having lived in many places around the world. The exposure to diverse cultures, languages and people has informed both my career choices as well as my progression into coaching. As an IT professional I spent time mentoring as well as training employees how to use new and innovative systems. As a teacher I spent as much time coaching and counselling parents as being a teacher in the classroom. What I gained from both these experiences is the importance of self-awareness that cultivates confident relationships both in the workplace and within families.

My backgrounds in computer science and teaching bring a wonderful mix of logic, reasoning and creativity to my coaching, in which I am a certified Academic and Career Coach who specialises in welcoming change as well as building up self-esteem and self-awareness. When I am not coaching, I love to spend time with my children, go for long walks and read. I believe that everyone has the ability to realise their potential. Whether they are leaders, parents, graduates, students; I listen, reflect and promote positive mindsets needed to navigate their unique journeys.

My coaching ethos is embedded in the fact that we are all able to create the life that we want for ourselves, no matter our circumstances. A little shift in perspective, some reframing and we can see things from a different angle, which then allows us to transition into our purpose—which is what motivates us to move forward and make change. I will teach you more how to achieve your goals by reflecting on your present thoughts and actions, and creating pathways using your imagination in a creative and personalised manner.


ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Academic and Career Coach with 15+ years training, teaching and coaching people from all walks of life.

Area Of Expertise

Academic and Career Coaching

Working Hours

Weekdays, 10am - 1pm; 5pm - 7pm


FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts, Zoom

Hourly Rate

To be discussed

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