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Nicola McGuinness

Owner and Confidence Coach



Owner and Confidence Coach

Newry, Northern Ireland

Nicola McGuinness

United Kingdom


Having spent 20 years in the same organisation I had long outgrown my role and fit for the culture. Yet, I was stuck because my confidence was on the floor and I didn't know where to turn to help get unstuck. In my search for some purpose, I started a Lean In network and then became a Gold Tier #IamRemarkable Facilitator (while suffering huge imposter syndrome). That’s when I found myself in the company of inspiring and ambitious women and realised I was not fulfilling my true potential and that I was capable of and wanted so much more from my life.

I took an opportunity to work with a coach and he allowed me to see the world of opportunities that were there for the taking once I started to work on my self-belief.

This work ignited a fire in my belly for helping other women in the same position. I remember thinking during my own transformation that everyone should have their own coach.

Given my role as a Lean In Network Leader I realised that every woman suffers from some form of low self-belief or lack of confidence in some area of their lives. I wanted to see women be unapologetically ambitious and play big, so this inspired me to train as a coach and start helping women see their potential.

I now develop and run my own group coaching programmes, programmes for corporates and provide workshops/masterclasses and inspirational talks for corporates and community groups.


ILM Level Mentoring and Coaching
Founder & Leader of Lean In Newry Network (400+ members)
Gold Tier #IamRemearkable Facilitator
MSc in Business and Management
Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator

Area Of Expertise

Female Coaching, Confidence Coaching

Working Hours

Weekday, 9am - 3pm



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