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Nina Liskova

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I started my personal development journey a decade ago which has been the best thing that could ever happen to me as I was struggling with low self -image, I was constantly comparing myself to others, I was simply not very happy. This unfortunately reflected on my outside world. I was surrounded myself with people that would bring me down. I had no purpose or sense of direction.

I then started working on myself and overtime my life changed. Initially the changes were only internal. I felt better, I was happier, I broke patterns of jealousy and negative beliefs, and then my outside world started changing as well.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to help people. I still remember the first time I felt compassion. I decided to follow this path and help as many people as I possible could, because there is nothing that brings me more joy than helping someone else.


I completed a course The Science of Well-being by Yale University in December 2019. I then did a certified Life Coaching course through New Skills Academy in March 2020. I also completed a Mindfulness certification though the same academy in April 2020.
I then did another certification through Centre of Excellence for a Relationship Psychology Diploma in June 2020. Finally, I have also completed Life Coaching Level 3 with Oxbridge. After the completion of this course I also continued to do a course on Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I currently offer a holistic approach to my clients where we can cover anything from happiness and well-being to relationships to time management and productivity.

I offer face to face sessions or remote sessions via zoom. My mission is to help as many individuals as possible to attain a sustainable level of happiness by helping them to resolve any issues, whether they are relationship problems, personal problems or work problems. I help my clients to set goals that are aligned with their values and help them to achieve their true purpose.

I can help my clients with:
-Finding your purpose
-Goal planning and goal setting
-Improve relationship with yourself and others
-Increasing confidence and self-esteem
-Creating healthy boundaries
-Overcoming negative beliefs
-Creating a new identify
-Improve time management and productivity
-Creating harmonious lifestyle
-Increase self-awareness
-Increase happiness levels
-Gain clarity and perspective

Area Of Expertise

Happiness and wellbeing, confidence

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 10AM - 6PM


FaceTime, Zoom, Telephone Call, Skype

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