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Olimpia Modorcea

Personal and Professional Development


Personal and Professional Development

Watford, UK

Olimpia Modorcea

United Kingdom


Having a Master of Science Degree in Engineering and an Executive Certificate in Global Management the road I chose, years ago, was naturally, in the corporate world.

I worked hard, I was ambitious, I focused on getting the results everyone expected from me. I worked long hours neglecting my Health and my Emotions, until one day, when my lower back stopped supporting me. I was not able to walk for about one year and a half. I slept on the floor, I eat on the floor, I relied on my friends. I was in agonizing pain, and when I was told about a 5% chance of a wheelchair, I felt small and powerless holding tight to the last bit of Hope.

What helped me come out from that place of despair was my decision to work with a few extraordinary coaches. That was the moment when my entire life shifted .I became certified at a Master Practitioner Level in several Neuroscience disciplines. This knowledge paired with my experience gives me a powerful scientific mechanism to help people create real transformation in their life. I am now a Personal Development Coach and the founder of HAPPY IN LIFE ( I help ambitious professionals, running on a treadmill, to become visibly confident, make an impact, and thrive. We create together a new identity aligned with abundance, success, and most of all with emotional freedom.

In my work, I cover many aspects of our real-life, such as growing a business, being promoted, being visible, dealing with stress, depression, overcoming addictions, overcoming overwhelm and procrastination, dealing with family relationships, and unprocessed trauma. But most often my clients and I focus on the 3 major success influencers which are: Building Confidence, Managing Energy, and Finding Passion and Purpose. You can find what clients are saying about our results at my website as listed above.

In 2020 I've also offered webinars delivered over the Internet and group programs. This way it became more affordable to work with me, and I'm able to support more people. We can only resolve an issue when we have the bravery to admit we have it, and, when we take full responsibility for it. Change can only start from here. If you've been working on yourself for a while and have not seen the change you wanted, we can chat together about the alternatives I can offer. Send me a booking request and I'll be glad to contact you back.


I am a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Creating Your Future, HST Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, NLP Coaching and a Certified High Level Psychic.

A resourceful entrepreneur, with a successful international career in Payments Industry, a Master of Science Degree in Engineering, an Executive Certificate in Global Management. I give a unique experience that delivers concrete results in her coaching.

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Personal and Professional Development

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Tues - Fri 15.00 - 20.00



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£100 per hour

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