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Pamela O Donnell

Professional Leadership and Wellbeing Coach


Health & Wellness

Professional Leadership and Wellbeing Coach


Pamela O Donnell

United Kingdom


As a Certified, Professional Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, Pamela works with Businesses, Leaders, and individuals wanting to find success in work and in life.

Her focus is on coaching and supporting people to become aware of their own potential, breaking down any blockages to their personal success. Encouraging them to become aware of their own mindset, habits, and leadership style, to ensure that it is working for them and not against them.

She also works on building personal Resilience so that you can face life's inevitable challenges with strength and courage.
She is passionate about Wellbeing and believes we need to work on both the body and the mind to become the best version of ourselves

Her aim is to help you reach your full potential in work and in life so that you live a happy and healthy life

Pamela is English, however, she has been extremely fortunate to have lived and worked around the globe during her career in the Travel Industry. This included working and living in Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, North Africa, the Far East, North America, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean.

Her wide travel experience has allowed her to develop a global awareness of different cultures and perspectives. She can speak Italian, French, and German to various levels and is learning Spanish! She spends her time living both in the UK and on the beautiful Island of Menorca in Spain.

She loves to swim most days even in the winter, enjoying the wonderful health benefits this brings to the mind and the body. She enjoys walking in nature, cycles, and teaches and practices yoga by the sea when she can. She is passionate about the positive effects movement and being in nature has on mental wellbeing.

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Pamela is a Certified Leadership Coach through the CTA (Coaches Training Academy) ICF (International Coaching Federation) Approved Training and licensed through CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance) and working through their code of ethics and standards.

Pamela has worked as a Global Leader, with 30+ years of experience in managing teams around the world. Her last position was as Director, Global Customer Resolution, leading a large team, based in 15 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Pamela enjoys sharing her knowledge by helping others to develop their own skills. She uses her extensive leadership experience and combines it with her passion for Wellbeing to help others to maximize their potential in work and in life

Pamela is also a Yoga teacher. She is passionate about learning and development and has a particularly keen interest in Human Behavioural Psychology. This led her to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychology, which helps in her coaching practice.

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