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Pascale Seiler

Transformation and Resilience Coach


Transformation and Resilience Coach

UK (available worldwide)

Pascale Seiler

Hong Kong


I am the founder and director of Asia's 1st Business that is committed to providing coaching and wisdom for real-world success and solutions.

I am a renowned Intuitive Transformational & Resilient Coach, Trainer, Author and Radio Host. I utilise my skillset to connect with clients, supporting a transformational process which helps to improve people lives.

I specialise in Grief, Trauma and Resiliency Training & Coaching. My focus is to help clients move from pain, suffering, separation and instead experience true bliss and unity allowing them to truly be the best version of themselves. Spirituality is a key to developing tenacity, resilience and pivoting through hardship, particularly in these current times.

Born and having grown up in Hong Kong, I blend the passion of the West with the loving wisdom of the East. I believe this is what sets me apart in embracing all parts of who I am and allowing others to do the same.


Talent Development, Leadership & Diversity & Inclusion Expert,

Intuitive, Transformational & Resilience Coach & Facilitator

Wisdom & Envisioning Expert

Fast Track Certified Levels 1-3

MBTI & DISC Certified

Making the Stage Certified

Train the Trainer Certified

Area Of Expertise

My skills and expertise are far reaching, including: Transormationand Resilience Coach, Compassionate Visionary Leadership, Courage, Empathy, Intuition, Collaboration working with people on loss (work/ personal) transition, trauma, grief of any kind.

Also supporting people with mental health, work/life balance and working with people to have personal power, breakthrough and revolutionary results.

Working Hours

Monday - Sunday 9am to 10pm

Work with UK clients



Hourly Rate

£111 per hour

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