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Paulina Tejs

Life Coach


Life Coach


Paulina Tejs

United Kingdom


When people ask me why I do what I do, what really drives me, I give them a simple answer: I deeply believe (and I believed it from a very young age) that each and everyone of us has a unique gift, a talent, which is an incredible source of joy when we live it and immeasurable value is unleashed into the world. I believe that by rejecting it, we are turning our back on the source from which it came from. I haven't just decided to believe it, my life proved it to me. I have spent many years of my early life working in different industries just to find out that I still feel empty, no matter how high my position was (and I've reached some of the top ones) or how much money I was earning.

Once I stepped into my self development journey everything changed... I discovered my true purpose and my second nature - coaching. Was it easy to become a life coach? No. Was it worth it? Yes! Today I am living the life of my dreams, enjoying every minute of every session with my wonderful clients (it's not always easy, but even then I love it), doing what I was made for.


Tony Robbins Coaching Academy
The Coaching Academy
Exponential Coach (MindValley)
3 years of experience as self-employed coach

Area Of Expertise

Career Business, Purpose, Goal Setting and Confidence

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Weekdays 11-7pm Weekends 9-7pm


Telephone Call, Zoom

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