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Pauline Ronan

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Life Coach

Health & Wellness


Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Life Coach

North West of England

Pauline Ronan

United Kingdom


As a teacher for the last 20 years in busy high schools and proud to still be in the classroom, I have been lucky to have been able to observe people, their reactions, their triggers and the consequences of their actions, both negative and positive. This wonderfully rewarding experience has led me to my now ongoing career of a life coach, cognitive behaviour therapist and I am delighted to be completing my Human Givens Psychotherapy training. All my work is underpinned by the importance of exercise. As a marathon runner myself, I know how exercise can change the mindset by the release of naturally occurring chemicals.

I currently have my own membership group where I work with women who want to live a better life, I am the in-house life coach for a national solicitors firm and I am the cognitive behaviour therapist for the Liverpool Irish Centre, in addition to my own private, individual clients.

Balancing a full time teaching career with my private work, while being a mother, a wife, one of 6 siblings and a runner is demanding, yet I am fortunate to be a dedicated and hard working individual who tries to work smartly and I have the joy of helping others make crucial changes in their own lives. I also have the support of a lovely husband who believes in what I do.

Making changes often seems daunting yet by educating ourselves about the options out there, change becomes possible. I help clients to observe their patterns of behaviour, spot where they might be self-sabotaging, highlight doubts and turn them on their head. By simply becoming aware of what we do and how we do it, we can change our destructive patterns and introduce new ways of being. Being mindful and meditating with clients opens up space in the mind and gives opportunities to problem solve and find solutions.


Registered NLP Life Coach
Registered Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
Author and Human Givens Practitioner (Almost completed).

Area Of Expertise

Helping women face change and face their fears through altering their mindset and improve their self-confidence.

Working Hours

Mon to Wednesday 5pm-8pm

Thurs 9am-5pm


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