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Rachael Wallace-Lane

Coach and Mentor


Coach and Mentor


Rachael Wallace-Lane

United Kingdom


Passionate about helping others make changes and create the life they want.

Rachael has been partnering with individuals, teams and businesses to maximise their personal and professional potential for over 20 years. Using a coach approach to uncover what’s most important to her clients, exploring the significance of their values and discovering how these can help support and drive ambition.


15 years in the corporate sector working in Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Facilities introduced Rachael to a hugely diverse group of people and she recognised a common thread, something that made a real difference. The importance of taking time to really listen.

Moving into the voluntary sector Rachael worked for 15 years developing award winning teams, individuals and organisations, all with a focus on preventing homelessness. Laterally Rachael developed values led learning and development programmes for organisations interested in keeping their values front and centre, encouraging positive disruption, system and transformational culture change.

From front line workers to Chief Executives, new parents, to returning parents, individuals starting their business to those looking at what they want to do when they retire. Rachael works alongside individuals to inspire achievement of personal and professional goals and growth.

Professionally trained and a member of the ICF Rachael is able to combine a coach approach with mentoring, facilitation, counselling and mindfulness skills to develop bespoke experiences for all her clients.

Rachael specialises in: Emotional Intelligence and Literacy, Career Transition, Work Life Balance, Imposter Syndrome, Communication Skills, Delegation, Conflict Management, Time Management, Cultural and System Change, Leadership Development, Influencing Others, Vision and Strategy, Business Start Ups, Project Planning and Team Effectiveness.

Area Of Expertise

Personal and Leadership

Working Hours

Monday - Wednesday, 9am-5pm


Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts, Telephone Call, Skype, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams

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