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Rachel Shelmerdine

Life Coach



Life Coach

Remote via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, phone

Rachel Shelmerdine

United Kingdom


I have been coach for over 20 years and over those years I have worked with many hundreds of individuals to help them become more self aware, more in tune with their innate gifts and talents, more in sync with themselves and others, and be and be more confident, courageous and connected to their true purpose.

I am a specialist in working with anxiety, phobias, major life change or life trauma, bringing couples and families closer together, and helping people who feel lost to find their way in life.

In early 2016 I stopped doing my coaching sessions in person & switched to doing all my coaching via phone/Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom etc.

Client feedback is that this allows them to relax & flow more with their thoughts & ideas. And it allows me to tune in to them and work even more intuitively than before.

Since then I have coached & supported many people and groups to make positive changes to their thoughts & approaches to the important choices they make in their lives.

And I have run countless video-conference workshops and group sessions in order to help them explore their choices & to feel more engaged with & inspired by what they want in life.

I care passionately about the people I work with. I feel it's a true privilege to be able to work closely with people, to have the opportunity to gain their trust & learn about them & the hopes they wish to fulfill or the issues they want to overcome, and to become a part of their growth & development.

My style is informal and organic – I do not follow a set process. I am an intuitive coach and rely on my listening skills, experience and innate ability to connect very quickly to people, to help determine what style, pace and approach is best to get to where they need to be.

My coaching mantra is "Don't do as I do or even do as I say, instead do what you feel is right for you and I will support you 100% of the way".

I am very honest, down-to-earth, open, challenging, and pro-active in my approach, often using humour and personal experiences to illustrate any advice I give.

I am also a deeply spiritual coach. I trained as a healer and energy worker at the world famous College of Psychic Studies in London for many years from 2001 with well known and respected people such as Edwin Courtenay and Davina McKail.

I have also trained and been guided for the last 6 years by world famous Shamanic teacher Leo Rutherford. As well as doing training workshops with Dr Joe Dispenza and studying techniques of groundbreaking coaches like Brandon Bays and Connirae Andreas.

I am naturally intuitive and am able to tune in to the people I work with as well as to their past, their health, and their potential life lessons and path. I also work with each of my client's naturally energy as well as channeling healing energy to help them feel supported during their personal exploration.


I have worked with all types of individuals for over 20 years - I have accreditation in a wide range of personal development/coaching areas from NLP in the early days to Mindfulness. I have also trained with world renowned human potential experts such as Joe Dispenza, with the famous Shamanic Teacher Leo Rutherford, and with well known and highly respected healer & energy worker Davina Mackail

Area Of Expertise

Life Coaching - overcoming anxiety, phobias and negative behaviours, family and relationship coaching, career coaching, building sustainable confidence and happiness, mindfulness. Business Coaching - leadership, culture development, team building, better working practices, creating strategic vision, building a flexible and responsive company.

Working Hours

Weekdays 10am to 8.30pm


FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

£100+ and sliding scale

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