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Life and Business Coach



Life and Business Coach

Remote via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, phone

Rachel Shelmerdine


I am an expert coach with over 20 years of advising and supporting individuals and businesses to flourish, thrive & develop.

In my life coaching practice I am a specialist in working with individuals to eliminate old patterns of thinking and behaving that is holding them back and help them to build their life around their true values, passions and skills. I support people to find their true authentic self, to make positive changes how they look after and treat themselves, their relationships and their career so that they can find a deep and long lasting joy and fulfilment.

In my business coaching practice I am a specialist in coaching Founders, Partners, Leaders & Teams to enhance their talents & focus & develop greater confidence, empathy, vision & impact. I support organisations to be more responsive, flexible & have more connected teams & individuals who create more meaningful dialogues & share ideas. All my work promotes & supports more open, collaborative & innovative cultures.

In early 2016 I stopped doing my coaching sessions in person & switched to doing all my coaching via phone/Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom etc.

Client feedback is that this allows them to relax & flow more with their thoughts & ideas. And it allows me to tune in to them and work even more intuitively than before.

Since then I have coached & supported many people individually & in companies to make positive changes to their thoughts & approaches to the important choices they make in their work and personal lives.

And I have run countless video-conference workshops and team sessions. As well as advising boards & supporting companies through change such as rapid growth, bringing in new skills & mentoring individuals & groups to make better choices & to feel more engaged with & inspired by what they can achieve.


I have worked with all types of individuals for over 20 years - I have accreditation in a wide range of personal development/coaching areas from NLP in the early days to Mindfulness. I have also trained with world renowned human potential experts such as Joe Dispenza, with the famous Shamanic Teacher Leo Rutherford, and with well known and highly respected healer & energy worker Davina Mackail.

My industry expertise is mostly in design, technology & FMCG. But I have also worked with leaders and companies in financial services and retail.

Area Of Expertise

Life Coaching - overcoming anxiety, phobias and negative behaviours, family and relationship coaching, career coaching, building sustainable confidence and happiness, mindfulness. Business Coaching - leadership, culture development, team building, better working practices, creating strategic vision, building a flexible and responsive company.

Working Hours

Weekdays 10am to 8.30pm


FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

£100 to £200

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